10 comments on “Dendias blames the deaths of our comrades for the continuing rise of Golden Dawn!

  1. Does anyone know if he’s a JEW or if he’s just bowing down to Jews and dressing up like a clown as they all are made to do? If he is a Greek Christian and wearing that, SHAME ON HIM!

  2. I was glad to hear Kasidiari say in his weekly Golden Dawn webcast that he is NOT a Mason like it was reported he was, and that all party members must sign an oath saying theyre NOT Masons or a member of any secretive orginizations!

  3. In the United States,also, the Jews are on the run on social issues. After decades of promoting and stoking the fires of racial hatred, the one-sided black on white race war has claimed a handful of Hasidic victims compared to the thousands of white women who have been raped and probably tens or hundreds of white men who have been assaulted or killed. Now the Jews are making mealy-mouthed statements such as this about our own militant arm of the zionist occupational government.

    Let us continue to keep the pressure on them, until the Jews return to Israel and they and their politics stay there, until the illegal aliens in all of our countries are sent back to the shitholes they came from, and prosperity returns to our great and virtuous people.

    The blood of our heroes and courageous forebears has not been shed in vain, and our fight against the invaders,zionist and otherwise, will be waged eternally if that is what it takes to drive them out of our lands.

  4. Hard to understand why the Greeks voted for this “person” , because you can tell, just by looking at him, that he would sell his own mother if needed…. What an evil, ugly looking individual….Your controlled media must have been working overtime to get “him” elected …..I will finish by saying this , your People are very lucky to have Golden Dawn in their corner, because if you wasnt, that beautiful Country of yours would end up in the dustbin of history…..My family and fellow Nationalist salute you all….Be careful of infiltrators…..

  5. Article “123 Lisbon Treaty ” Any EU country who adopted EURO,could NOT borrow money from EU-central bank on 0.5% ,to finance own national deficit . They have to borrow for MORE then 4% – 5% on international market.” There is NO WAY that Greece borrow money for 0,25% that is a complete nonsense . All the so call greece DEBT is actually DEBT of private JEWISH banks who transfer -STOLE- the money who knows where. The Lisbon Treaty staying that “all DEBT of Banks in Greece or any EURO using country , has to be paid by Government of that country”. So any Debt of Banks in Greece,private-foreign or Greece has to be paid by GREECE Government-PEOPLE.

    Countries like Czech republic,England,Poland ….etc. have no crisis because they have own (jew own) ,Central bank independent from EU diablo bank! They are not restricted to print or borrow money !!!

    All this debt is kosher illegitimate crap !!!

  6. Please translate this if you got the time:


    The subject of freemasonry must be exposed. These guys infiltrate on behalf of the Jews. Some say that B’nai B’rith are in the top of the food chain controlling international freemasonry on behalf of the Rothschilds.

    Of cours I do not believe that Kasidiaris is a freemason, but as they say in the article, Golden Dawners seems to have to sign a paper stating that they are not part of any secret organisations. That is indeed very good!

    If XA Ameriki translate the speech and the short article we will publish this at Nordfront.se spreading light on the dangers of freemasonry.

    Best wishes from Sweden!

    • The thing about Golden Dawn is our ideology itself presents a very hostile environment for freemason types. In Greece the political situation is obviously very different than Sweden, our high ranking members or members with high responsibility, like members of Parliament, authors of official golden dawn websites like this one or ethnikismos.net for example, have been members long before the electoral mainstream success of the party.

      If you go back 10 years ago, Golden Dawn in Athens was dealing with attacks on members and places where we would meet by anarchists. Back then while they did not have the same level of open state protection, there were many more of them and much less of us than is the case today.

      Not to many business freemason type people are willing to be running the risk of getting stabbed or beaten by 15 anarchists carrying metal clubs.

      We have had a surge of some Greeks since 2011 who are trying to join Golden Dawn in the hope that they will reach a high position or further a career, now that they see we are successful. When the older guys like us ask them where they were before 2011, they usually give very nervous or stupid answers (voting for major parties) but claim to be hardcore Golden Dawners, and 95% of your potential freemason types exist in this group of opportunists.

      So yes while there does exist precautions to weed out freemasons in Golden Dawn, this has never been a major issue due to our past history and core members.

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