9 comments on “Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera: Present! The Falange and the Spanish National Revolution

  1. Bravo paisanos I salute you for such a great report on such a true Nationalist & champion of Justice & civil rights. OPA!!!!

  2. Peace,liberty,and self-determination for every one of our European and former European folk. A nation for her people and for no other.

    We must see trans-societal European nationalism,and its promise of security,prosperity,and accountability in our time. We can no longer tolerate the farcical puppet show of democracy,the aggressive and cynical political manipulations of zionism,the sinister stealth elitism of communism,the lazy,mooching, shit-stirring ‘antiracefascism’,or the parasitic fangs of global corporatism.

    We cannot go back to these abominations. Neither can we submit to the tyranny of the enemy. We must march onward to victory. I know that if our heroes were with us today,gentlemen, they would tell us that it is far better to die on your feet…than to live on your knees!

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    I like to check out GDs site. These Greek Nationalists are doing a wonderful job highlighting other nationalist movements across Europe. From what I see, this serves two purposes or objectives:

    1) The first purpose is to counter the criminalization of Nationalist groups. Sweden, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, etc all have Nationalist groups. Are all of these groups criminal? Of course not, but the Talmudvision Zio media presents any country’s sense of nationalism as an affront so it isolates movements such as GD and hence criminalizes them. GD presenting this piece on prior fights for Spanish Nationalism NORMALIZES a people’s desire to have their own cultural heritage and ethnic identity be preserved free from the New World Order.

    2) The second purpose or objective served by highlighting past and present Nationalistic movements is to show that all European peoples and their countries, although diffetent, are all unified in their quest to be free of the Zionist New World Order.

  4. The Spanish Civil War was truly the first “International” Civil War.

    On the side of the Nationalists were thousands of volunteers from Germany, Italy, Ireland (under O’Duffey), and Romania (Marin and Mota of the Iron Guard), and other countries with strong nationalist movements. On the side of the Republicans were Jews from all over the world, the Soviet Union, and France which was governed by the Jew Leon Blume at the time.

    Of course, Hymiewood makes you think it was some war by “fascists” against “democracy”, but in reality it was a war of Western civilization against Bolshevism. The only possible outcome from a Republican victory would’ve been Spain becoming a Soviet satellite state, rather than the gentle dictatorship of Franco.

    Republicans are hailed as hero by the corrupt systems in power. Even in the 1930’s, the Republicans was unanimously supported by global Jewish media. The Nationalist perspective was never shown, just like Golden Dawn today, and the 7,000 or so nuns and priests the Communists murdered for their religion were not spoken of.

    One final myth to bust is the idea that Leftists today promote that the Republicans were poorly funded and did not have arms. That is a lie. Republicans emptied Spanish gold reserves to their masters in Moscow and initially controlled all the major industrial sections of Spain. The lawlessness and French revolution esque terror that the communists and Anarchists (such as parading around with the head of a captured Spanish general) ruled with made them unpopular with the majority of the people.

    The Spanish Civil War: another historical event that has been lied about and deformed beyond recognition by the system.

  5. It would also be useful to make correlations between the Popular Front/Republicans and SYRIZA.

    The person that led the Popular Front was not a Stalinist or an Anarchist, it was a bourgeois liberal leftist named Manuel Azaña. Some of the liberal figureheads of the Popular Front never led on about the band of communists and Anarchists they planned to unleash on Spanish cities. As soon as Azana took power Anarchists saw it as a green light to began to attacking churches and small businesses , just like will happen under a SYRIZA government.

    The reign of Terror led by “liberals” with their hardcore communist and anarchist allies are essentially what prompted the military revolution, and why the people supported the latter.

  6. P.S. , the Popular Front ” radical Leftist” government was known for having so many wealthy landowners and big capitalists in its cabinet!

  7. Yes, Edward, you’re very right about Spanish Civil War. I also would like to highlight that Primo de Rivera’s Falange Española (Spanish Phalanx) suffered continuous attacks and murders during the pre-war period (II Spanish Republic) from reds as now it happens in Greece, France, Germany or the very Spain. The press lied as much as they lied now, but we won (or, at least, partially…) at the end. All readers have to know that when Phalanx took revenge and killed back for first time, reds had killed BEFORE 11 Falangists IT! Indeed, bourgeois right called Falange Española, because its acronym F.E, “Funeraria Española” or “Spanish Funerary” to mocked at them.

    Keep the Faith, Spain for Spaniards, Greece for Greeks, Europe for Europeans!

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