25 comments on “50,000 Greeks in the Center of Athens send a Message: Victory is Ours!

  1. Christmas came early this year. That is an inspiring sight to behold. But where are the dead anarchists to hang on the Christmas tree ?

  2. It would be amazing if someone we could get an english translation to accompany the speeches, I’d especially love to hear what Kasidiaris says.

    Hail Golden Dawn!

  3. Victory is only a matter of time – and the thieves and traitors of Greece will be made to pay. Hail victory – from Sydney.

  4. 17,500 Non-EU Nationals Acquire Greek Citizenship


    When You’ve Lost Europeans, You’ve Lost Europe


    I read somewhere that the Greek Gov’t has/will seize upwards of 15,000 homes due to the new property tax laws.

    Does this mean that the indigenous Greeks who’ve lost their homes will be displaced to where, Native reservations like we have in N. America? Will the foreclosed homes now be turned into subsidized housing for the 17,500 Non-EU Nationals who recently acquired Greek citizenship?

  5. Hopefully the Communist murderers will be brought to justice and answer for their crimes! Never forget, never forgive! Greetings from Hungary, hail Golden Dawn!

  6. I was in this land, it is a magical place. The clash of civilizations, of Hellenism vs Jewry, will show itself, and those who are dignified will overcome. This is a beautiful time to be alive, a new era of liberation is coming.

    Let the media say what it wants. As a great man once said: the Jewish press tells 10 lies before the truth puts on its boots.

  7. l have a tip for the next rally, and I mean this is a respectful, helpful way. There are obviously more than “just a few hundred sympathisers.” But from the camera angles, it’s hard to tell just how many. Next time, I suggest getting a video from a high view. Go to the top of a building, close to the rally and pan the crowd to show the size of the crowd more explicitly. If the press tries to do the ‘only a few hundred shtick,” They’ll end up looking like dishonest idiots.

  8. Victory, Hail Hellas, Hail Europa, Haill Occidental, HAIL GOLDEN DAWN!! The re-birth of Western civilization is come upon us!!!

  9. “Chris Dounis” I Patriot. The”Huffington Post” is an ethnic News Paper (rag) owned by ethnics, which says it all really, a 24 carrot, laughable, propaganda,ass wipe, lav paper RAG ! The obvious lies told about how many was at the Rally involved Aljaseera too, along with Yahoo,who it says,got it from Aljaseera….. My thoughts on that Rally, ,,,,Superb !!!

  10. The media like Press TV is bullshitting because they mention that there are 1,000 Golden Dawn members.


    I have even posted a comment showing them a link to a video that shows 50,000 GD members and so far they haven’t even approved my comment!

    Same goes for the jew controlled AP scum, that’s where Press TV got their news from!

    By the way, well done to the tremendous 50,000 Golden Dawn members that attended! It really gives me hope for the White race in Europe and my country! 🙂

  11. It is posting pictures like this, and then juxtaposing the LIES of Jewish agents like Papachristou, to show them as the ideological bastards they are, that is the greatest benefit of having an English language blog showing Golden Dawn’s p.o.v.

    Thank you. – Fr. John+

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