11 comments on “Jews Above Scrutiny: Media and Leftist Silence Regarding Athens Jews-Only Blood Bank

  1. I think you will find that many do in fact, notice much more than some Nationalists and others, think. The sad fact is that, the Jewish world government, or what used to be known as the ‘hidden hand’, is too powerful. They can and do, create engineered conditions of strife, wars, and honey traps, to halt any talk or action against their hateful, arrogant ways. The head of the snake is what needs to be cut off. The rest would then fall limp and lifeless.

  2. Jewish corruption. Proving once again that true Hellenism and Jewry are not compatible but Hellenism is compatible with Christainity as time has proven over & over again that Occidental civilization and Christainity,s values often go hand in hand Hail Golden Dawn

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    As always, Jews want to shove Die-versity in the faces of people of European descent and who value their European identity so as to promote race mixing and European cultural destruction. In short, the gradual and hoped assisted genocide of people’s of European descent.

    How cruel and inhumane these incorrectly titled ‘chosen people’ are. They will attempt to stop ill native Greeks to receive blood transfusions, donations etc, yet Jews can go ahead and run their own, exclusive blood banks for Jews only.

    Where is the United Nations? Don’t they have committees on human rights? Isn’t it criminal to purposely try to blockade people from getting their necessary blood donations? Sounds like a genocidal act to me.

  4. No fair ! I happen to be White and I only want White blood in me . But that gets me classified a bigoted , racist xenophobia , anti Semite .
    Do they discriminate against black israelites ?

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