5 comments on “Media Forgets Giorgos and Manolis… We NEVER will!

  1. You are all righeous, every last one of you. Those young men’s deaths were senseless, but beware, the evil Satanists whom control the thugs and bought and paid for ‘left-wing’, puppets, know you have not given up, and will not, give up. They will be looking for a way to halt your progress. Stay with it folks.

  2. Just watched your video of Giorgos and family..I have never visited your beautiful country Greece but i do know that “Family” is everything to your people, you must all be going through hell with what has happened, specially Mum…Your daughter must be devastated with him not being around anymore….To think that these utter scumbags, these cowards, killers, are still walking around …The day will come my Patriotic friends, even though it will never bring back your loving Son ,when the TRAITORS of your Country who are directly responsible for his death, PAY THE PIPER…..!! Myself and family feel for you, take care…..

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