6 comments on “New “Pink Legislation” To Be Pushed Through With Anti-Racist Legislation

  1. “open mindedness” wow, amazing bs this is. “tolerance” and “equality” anyone with a brain knows its not about “tolerance”. “equality” is a joke. fuck queers, may they burn in hell with their supporters.

  2. If Jews like Daniel Cohn-Bendit get what they want, soon the goats of Greece will be known for more than their cheese.

  3. The Bible condoned stoning of Sodomites. Perhaps Greece could become, instead of more satanic, more biblical, and ‘reduce the surplus population’? Please!?

  4. Every passing day the Marxist perverted Jews impose total degradation and sexual degeneracy on the “goyim.” Right here in Washington State, they passed that vile “marriage equality” nonsense so homos could get married. It makes me nauseated. Is it any surprise that gays have some of the highest STD’s and HIV rates in the world?

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