7 comments on “VIDEO: Golden Dawn’s Ilias Kasidiaris calls out the Traitors! ENGLISH TRANSLATION

  1. All these puppets are immune to reasoning they will obey their jew masters like slaves,they should be dragged and executed to show how the cowards and traitors should be treated and go after their satanic masters and do the same

  2. Resist.

    Resist Marxism.

    Resist globalism.

    Resist multiculturalism.

    For Greece,for Italy,for England,for America. For the cross,for 2000 years of civilization,for our ancestors and for our legacy in the future.

    Resist “diversity”,resist “progress”,resist political correctness. Resist the zionist agenda, and smash the international oligarchy of pedophiles,perverts, and thieves.

    Down with the synagogue of Satan, hail the Golden Dawn.

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