7 comments on “Tsipras’ Confession: “Golden Dawn is Rising”

    • Good call Chris! The most immediate (mind) weapon that the enemy uses IS the all-pervasive media. Getting control of this must be a top priority within your own country. The jewish-controlled world media will of course continue to spew its blatant lies but at least Greece would be cleansed of its filth.

      The right to bear arms for all approved national GREEK citizens is also a very important issue. Any healthy sovereign nation should allow its own people to protect themselves, their kin, their home and the nation itself if need be from outsiders wishing to do them harm. This is common sense.

      Our thoughts are with you Greece. Hail Golden Dawn!

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    GD is a force to be reckoned with now. As Chechar notes on his blog, it is now The West’s Darkest Hour, but as respondent highlighted for me once, it is always darkest before dawn. The rebirth of the West is in progress, but it won’t be easy.

    I look to Greece and I wonder what harkens for the USA. This country is undergoing an undeclared race war and a war between people of European descent and Zios who have invaded our government and who wish to displace us. The USA for decades has held itself up as this model for integration and our evil government bought out by Israel is a bully pulpit for Die-versity. The USA has bullied Europe into accepting this integrative model of Die-Versity.

    When GD is empowered, they should take over the media, but I would like to highlight how despite the prevalent the Zionists have been in the media, GD has still remained strong. How ? Why?

    Getting esoteric here, I’d like to think that there are other forces at work. I’d like to think that what is happening is divine, immaterial. This is always where the Jews lose. The Zionists in their unfulfilling quest for power and material and money always slip because they are essentially spiritually corrupt. To try to break a person’s or people’s will is wrong and is an affront to the Holy Spirit, to God. This is why I talk so much about white people in the USA needing to disengage from this system because it is based on enslaving others, displacing others, and destroying their culture and identity. I know I want no part of it.

    The Zios cannot destroy the divine. Through their abuse of the media and the banks they aspired to play God and be Godlike. That is wrong. There is only one God and it ain’t the Jews.

  2. I for one think that the Golden Dawn should first call for a transfer of the Greek capital city from Athens to Sparta in a grand symbolic gesture. Athens never, never was the capital city of the whole of Greece before the English intervention in 1820, most Greeks of the Peloponese of real Dorian stock always considered as a treasonous city, which even then was not white and hired Dorian and even Germanic models to carve their statues after. Athens always sided with the interests of international maritime traffic, and most often with foreign empires standing for it, against ethnic Greece proper, hence her ideology of abstract human rights sugarcoating a social structure impoverishing and enslaving most real working people. Athens has been loved as an ideal capital city of Greece by Westerners due to the mere fact that the Roman decadent aristocracy had made her into their holiday resort after she had been the best traitress of Greece to them, not because of her intrinsic merits as a beacon of Greek spirit (later on Venice would play such a role relatively to the rest of Italy, all italians know that it is not culturally so rich and significant as the English fancy it) or even of Greek power, even at its short-lived heyday it was the representative of foreign civilizations intent in turning Greece into something else than herself, like the late Egyptians and then the Phoenicians and the Jews. Athenian so-called democracy was explicitly invented not as means to represent people but to uproot people by grouping them into deemoi (anonymous social bodies, with no natural solidarity, determined by money and favouritism) rather than into ethnoi and phratriai as had always been the natural order of things, that point has always been deliberately missed in the coinage of the word. This wrongly famed system was explicitly invented by Cleisthenes not to represent people but to mask and protect from most opposition the real ruling people who knew, the Eleusis fraternity (already a jewish-egyptian style hermetician masonry), and ensure the latter could always count on the morally opportunistic majority to oust the few idealists that might arise, and reduce them to marginality or put them to death at the applause of the gullible, in opposition to a classical monarchy or oligarchy of natural-born rulers you are related with biologically and fight for against outsiders. The present-day submissiveness of Athens to foreign banking powers and EU comes to no surprise as regards Athen’s whole history, it is a prostitute city by essence. Sparta was a city of virtue, to the point that the present-day classification of ethic virtues and vices is still the same, but Athens was a city of excellence (aretee) in cunning (meetis) and sorcery (pharmaka) prevailing over virtue (ethos) as per her own pride … a pride already gay and parading.

    • You seem to not have a very clear picture of Greek history. The first capital of Greece as a state back then was actually the city of Nafplio, which at that time had a much larger population than Athens. Believe it or not Athens was like a large village a century ago, and yes because of intervention from the European powers and monarchy, it was changed to Athens.

      Alot of the things you say about Athens are inconsistent aswell, a lot of what they teach about ancient Athens in modern western countries, tries to exaggerate the “open multicultural myth” of Athens and hide the racial laws putting restrictions on foreigners, non military people “politis” is the reverse of “oplitis” or hoplite in English had significant meaning for them.

      As we have said before here, if actual ancient athenian democracy was brought back with the same restrictions and laws today, every “democratic” EU politician today would be talking about it like the second coming of nazi germany.

      Im not sure what your implying about athens being a “non white” city and that only the dorian tribes in Greece had “white” cities. Sounds more like modern anglo-american theory than anthropological fact.

      Certainly, the Dorian tribes were known to be on the average more light eyed, it is even true to this day in places like epirus and macedonia but somehow modern anglo or american theorists on the Internet tend to try to relate it to being like a kind of ancient version of the American South, or some other kind of “White/Black” biracial society. This is a kind of comical thing for Greeks who have much more knowledge, paintings, and original scripts from back then.

    • I am sorry to say that but regarding the ANCIENT Athenian political system called “democracy” which is so easily taken and used as the today’s foreign serving junta system forced to the west, everything you wrote there is nonsense, if not to say directly, bullshit. I wonder you people where do you get these information from? You read all these you write regarding the Ancient Athenian polites (citizens) in books, and which are the authors of the books? You picked up All these nonsense you write about the politics and the political culture of Ancient Athens on the internet somewhere? And if its books, i would like You to tell me what exactly are your book sources, and if you made any research for the authors of these books, this is always a good question to someone who “thinks” he/she truly knows, reading history books or even combining them with other stupid modern “anglo-american” liberated history sources on the internet. Have you ever heard of Socrates since you seem a historically educated person, or Plato?Or the various Plato followers?And if yes, did you Read what they were saying??
      Both Athenian men and philosophers writing laws and being a following example of the social and political morals and structure of Ancient Athens at the times when Athens formed its own 100% and strictly nationalistic-centered democracy is a commom knowledge to non-liberated Greeks who read the Real history of states-countries of ancient Greece and also many other ancient scripts from Athenian men, like Thoukididis for example. Unlike what these western Liberal Jew thinking Europeans say to you and many other westerners of the last century. Ancient Athens and this word, democracy, that is soo easily used and misinterpreted now a days , given always some kind of weird materialistric Multicultural mean and purpose has Nothing, and when i say that i mean it, Nothing, to do with the today’s Jewish materialistic and multicultural TYRANNY of “democracy” . First of all, for example, the Ancient Athenian democracy, (unlike the strict nationalistic militaristic oligarchy of Sparta that was giving no choice to every Spartan boy being born other than living and dying as a soldier in the Spartan army) was a social system where men, and only men who have served the army for their homeland and were STRICTLY Athenian in blood from both parents and grandparents etc were allowed to debate and talk openly about what the future and the policies of Athens would be, no Athenian or foreign women, no slaves(given the fact that the ancient Athenian state-country had lots of social status to its citizens, like simple citizens, Athenian soldiers, rich Athenian families, slaves and other), and no other Athenian citizens who were not pure Athenian in blood from all sides of ancestors, and of course, no visitors or foreigners who settled down in Athens had a right or speech to the wellness and politics of Athens, And the Athenian men who have served the army and were pure in blood of Athenian ancestry were very strictly with that, they allowed no other gather around the agora and have some sort of right to speak for Athens. (agora was the public area around the Parthenon and Goddess of wisdom, Athena). Laws telling that crystal clearly about how the ancient Athenian democratic system was, and not some stupid today’s liberal misinterpret of what the system of democracy is and how it works in a society where everyone have a voice and they can vote and decide their land’s on-goings and futures by being forced to chose specific political parties that always serve the INTERNATIONAL JEWISH rat interests.
      One another example of how deeply devoted to their nationalistic and racial identity the Ancient Athenian society was is “the laws” of Socrates, deeply proud and nationalistic moral codes the ancient state-country of Athens developed during the golden years of Periklis.
      I will describe the example. Socrates, a very well known and public figure in Athens who participated to the public speeches the Athenian men were having (the real democracy of the ancient times in other words)was an Athenian philosopher too, also, let’s say, moral educator that many Athenian families trusted their kids to have for a teacher throughout their entire childhood and puberty. When Socrates was imprisoned from the other Athenian men, who believed he wasn’t strictly devoted to his homeland, Athens, and was actually a traitor wishing to harm the common good of the Athenians, a friend of his visited him in prison and asked him why he was so stubborn and he did not try to escape, why was he willing to give his life away and get tortured and humiliated from the other Athenian men. Socrates then said to his friend that even though he could escape and run out of Athens (to Pelloponisos or some other state of the time for example), it was his biggest duty and biggest honor to remain in the prison and literally give his life away for his homeland, so that the other Athenian men will not just simply be convinced that he never wished to harm Athens, but also that one TRUE Athenian should be ready anytime to drink poison and give his life away with no second thoughts, if THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES for the good and benefit of his own nation. His sayings and “laws” as he wrote and announced to the ancient agora (place where the exercise of speech was granted to the warrior Athenian men) are still “yelling” into every person’s ears that respects and works for the good of his/her own nation. His words to his friend(and actually the basic moral code that was second nature to the democratic values of the Athenians) were:
      Μητρός τε και πατρὸς και των άλλων προγόνων απάντων τιμιώτερόν εστιν η Πατρὶς και σεμνότερον και αγιώτερον και εν μείζονι μοίρα και παρα θεοίς και παρ᾿ ανθρώποις τοις νουν έχουσι.
      Translation in English:
      Above our mother and father and above all of our ancestors, Most honorable and precious of all is our Homeland, the most humble and sacred and above any other good and fortunate in life, Patrida(our homeland) is the most sacred for every God and human society that has a mind and is able to think.

      Socrates at last did not hear his friend’s suggestions to try to escape from prison since he was convinced his friend was innocent, not only he did not try to escape, but he willingly drank konio(ancient poison) in front of ALL the other Athenian men, teaching them a life example that since they were convinced he was not truly patriotic, he HAD to die, and so should they if they were ever in his situation, all for the honorable and most superior value of all, the good of your nation and homeland.
      Now today, all these historians and theorists come around and compare that Type of democracy to what our western countries are being literally forced to? how can a “democratic socialistic system” divide homeland interests into enemy-political parties ONLY JUST TO DIVIDE THE POWER OF UNITY BETWEEN PEOPLE OF THE SAME NATION&RACE and force its own citizens into political parties of “opposition” that you do not TRULY know HOW they are funded, where they come from, who they work for, anyway?!How can a democracy force its own people with laws and social engineering that is harming the one purpose and command it is made to serve for anyway..its Nation’s people in other words? Maybe because there is NO such thing as western democracy or social and capitalistic democracy with many multicultural elements but controlled Political parties from the INTERNATIONAL JEWRY who claim you have a right TO DECIDE and to vote for them (whoever you are) like as if you are a customer and you chose either this company or the other company depending which is gonna benefit you financially better? I get sick with people who see how harmed and racially devastated they become with this modern controlled illusionary version of “democracy” and then come around believing they know and debate over the once and only democratic system that existed in the past, the true democracy, the ancient Athenian one that cannot apparently be re-invented today

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