7 comments on “Giorgos and Manos hear us, your brothers hold the banners high!

  1. Like a Phoenix from the ashes Golden Dawn is rising & bringing light to this darkened world…Hail GOLDEN DAWN!!!

  2. Once again a magnificent and beautiful sight ..In the end, goodness will prevail over evil, always has, always will.. You Greek People will have your beautiful Country back because you have a determined and fearless band of Brothers and Sisters “Golden Dawn” who will fight to the death for all of you until it is returned ….!

  3. RIP Giorgos and Manos you will be avenged brothers! Hail Golden Dawn, Hellas is rising….! 🙂

    • this has been on for a ling time now, we have heard that this is gonna happen for almost a year now, nothing happened so far. It has been “rumored” they will Force that “law” to us. which is sooo damn ridiculous anyway, but nothing happened so far, no one knows when they will actually DARE to say to the Greeks, oh you are banned of hanging out of your house your country’s flag unless it is a national day off. I am personally waiting for them to do that, this is so unbelievably ridiculous, it may pass probably to countries like Holland or Sweden for some funny reason, but NEVER to Greece! I WILL personally hang out in the balcony the Hellenic blue and white proud flag once they try to even think they can force us not to do it and will rub the flag into their face and make them Swallow it if they come in my house and try to make me take away my countries flag, they have absolutely NO right to force us be the same international Jewry pimps they are. I believe that All rational and non-leftist/anarchist Greeks (those have absolutely no respect for any concept that involves the words nation, family, faith anyway other than serving the master, Israel-globalism)who dont just Follow laws blindly like good submissive sheep will do the same, if not, worse.

      • apparently that law has been in existence since ’78 after the junta. I say good luck to them it will only piss more ppl off

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