29 comments on “Zionist “Greek-American” Organization “AHEPA” now advertising for Jewish Business!

  1. AHEPA and the Betrayal of Greece

    Oh you Greeks who make a mockery
    Of our Beloved Homeland of Hellas,
    What can become of a man’s ambition
    To bring ruin and disaster to his true People
    At the behest of those who want nothing less
    Than our blind and servile obedience,
    And who care not for everything Greece has accomplished
    In the annals of Time,
    Bringing Light and Wisdom to those who strove
    To climb out of darkness,
    Taming the savage
    And introducing Hellenism to places beyond the reach
    Of other civilizations:
    For these usurpers would you sacrifice all of our
    Great and timeless achievements for a mere accolade,
    Bringing shame and disgrace
    Upon the glory that your ancestors fought
    So hard to preserve and cherish,
    Putting our Race in jeopardy,
    And allowing the minions of the Adversary
    To destroy what is left of our once-glorious and far-flung
    Group of Greeks:
    We of Hellas condemn AHEPA for its collaboration
    With the enemies of our People,
    And for the treasonous actions
    Which have caused great pain and suffering
    To our Greek brethren,
    AHEPA is not to be acquainted with anything
    Having to do with all things
    Of true and genuine Hellenism,
    But rather as a lapdog which adheres
    To its masters’ bidding,
    And which when kicked by said masters,
    Rolls over and begs for mercy,
    Of which none is to be given.
    For this is the fate of those
    Who betray their true People,
    A fate which will be the cause
    Of AHEPA’s downfall,
    And will leave a blemish on the name
    Of Hellenism for years to come.

    Hail Victory!
    Hail Greece!
    Long Live the Ancient Dreams!

    Vasili Bakagias
    December 2013

  2. So everyone is entitled to an opinion, and i value yours my friend. However, i will not try to convince you that jewish children should also be helped or not, but rather that as long as a child is being helped, doesnt matter if its Jewish, Greek, American, African, Chinese its good.

    I am a proud Greek, and I see the way golden dawn treats non Greeks, and in the end what is the definition of Greek? I was born in the states, per golden dawns definition, im not. You my friend for getting an AHEPA letter, are likely in the states as well….are you Greek?

    Like i said, you have your opinions, i have mine, but if you support a group of people who beat up other human beings and done help their fellow man only because they are not like them, that is a very primative way of thinking and we should not tarnish our image to the world stage as closed minded racist people.

    • Why don’t you read the FAQ on our website, which answers who is Greek, and explains the situation in Greece. Then we can see how open minded you are. And why is it AHEPA and people like yourself never speak of the racist murders and violence against Greeks? https://xaameriki.wordpress.com/murders-and-rapes-international-media-hides/ This list contains numerous murders, if you are into denouncing Golden Dawn for violence, why are you so quiet about things like this? If you are so fair and open minded, surely at least you should be giving an equal amount of attention to cases like Myrto Papadomichelaki who is in a Boston hospital now with severe brain damage after having her head bashed into rocks and was raped while unconscious by a pakistani. The girl was only 14 years old, but yet people like you only talk of Golden Dawn supposedly attacking illegal immigrants.

    • read here and see what the Israeli government and the Jewish pharmaceutical company “Teva” with the cooperation of the slave to Israel demands Greek government of Nea Dimokratia is going to your fella Greeks in Greece. There will be Greeks dying the following decade, only because they were diabetic or suffer from some form of cancer, or even caught a bad cold. Then come back and debate over how tolerant, anti-racist, open-minded, liberal and friendly to foreign dictatorship and commands your Greek fellas should be. http://www.newsbomb.gr/fakelos-ygeia/story/381566/apokalypsi-mono-genosima-kai-me-to-zori
      So much for “democracy”, tolerance and open-minded friendly-immigrant policies all these years and decades! That’s what you get, when you still Deny to see the truth … as harsh and not “righteous” as it sounds to you, you still don’t understand you were CONDITIONED to see this way and speak the way you talk now, so you wont have any antibodies to fight multiculturalism with a massive immigration of 3rd world different in mindset and culture illegal immigrants back in Europe and Greece to, along with the shut down of any Greek business or production left, and the horrific radical demographic changes under Jewish interests TROIKA. OPEN your controlled mind wider and dare to face what’s happening into the whole of the western world, then you will bitterly understand that everything they were telling you about democracy and human rights, and a nice peaceful multicultural globalized world are all Hateful and racist lies for the favor of the fearless international Jewry power to destroy your homeland and your nation’s people, and you are still debating about racism and “human rights”. Either you wake up, or you are destined to witness your nation dying and suffering with no-return. And while you talk about being open and helpful to Jewish kids who unlike your fella Greeks kids get so much support and care from the Jewish government and the International Jewish bankers who control American and EU nation’s economies, come and see how the Greek kids live right now back in Greece and the thousands of Greek families having the power cut under a government law from the houses in the middle of the winter and the banks calling them everyday, threatening them they will take away their houses and throw them to the streets.
      Btw, why is it that we have to be soo open-minded, friendly and tolerant with all these other foreign kids , and help the million of Muslim immigrants in Greece with their kids establish their culture and small “cities” within our cities while the Greeks and the Greek kids are starving to death, helpless and left to die with no mercy and at the SAME TIME Israel recently voted a strict anti-immigration law within its borders and has the gut and nerve to call anyone who’s not a Jew in blood as a gentile and a donkey that is destined to be a servant to the Jews? The was openly and in public said from a famous Israeli rabbi who died recently in the presence of a million of Jews and the president of Israel.

    • How does one define a Greek? Is that even a serious question?
      A Greek is someone who is Greek, whether in Greece, Turkey, or America.

      There are several ways to define a Greek, such as, common heritage, last name, and blood ties (ethnicity).

      The question now is how you can claim you’re proud to be Greek when you don’t even understand what a Greek is?
      What are you proud of? Greek yogurt, the Acropolis, Leonidas, Herodotus?

      What about what foreigners have done to Greece and Greeks? And what of the future of Greece and Greeks if the situation doesn’t change?

      Don’t dare say you’re a proud Greek, when you don’t even care about Greeks. Tarnish “our image”, but how can they tarnish the image of those who don’t even care about Greeks?

      Better a tarnished image then a slave. Better a tarnished image then the extinction of your people. The world doesn’t give a freak about Greeks, if it was up to the “world stage” Greeks would go the way of the dinosaur to make more room for other people.

    • I don’t expect a reply from Kostas, it is obvious he doesn’t care about Greeks and instead is more concerned in keeping his pockets lined with the “Greek-American” Lobby. 9 times out of 10 these humanitarians work in politics or investment banking with something to gain by sticking up for the Zionists.

    • What is the definition of Jewish?! Chinese? African? Why when a european people decide to take care of their own, like all the rest of the ethnicities and races on the planet, is it some type of crime against the world?

      Are you posting your opinions at the nearest temple? Judaism is about taking care of jews at the expense of whatever host people they latch onto, and their creed explicitly states this, but somehow you don’t have any problems with that apparently.

      At least the Greeks and other european nationalists are merely trying to revive their people. These groups are not basing their survival on parasiting off of others.

    • Grow some balls and stop being a pussy, israel has no qualms in chasing illegal immigrants out of israel, children or adults, in supporting israelli business, you are actually violating our own, holier than thou, rules.

      You seem to object to golden dawn’s treatment of others, but you very quietly ignore israels treatment of others, hypocritical is the word that comes to mind, you also seem to forget IMF’s head honchos words, that she cares more for african black children than she does for greek children.

      So if christine lagarde, and zionists are allowed to care for their own before others, please give golden dawn that right too, if you hold golden dawn accountable for the treatment of others, then blame the others aswell.

      You hypocricy is very obvious, please have consistency of thought if you going to argue, and stand on a soap box and pretend to be holier than thou.

  3. Yeah, AHEPA has all the characteristics of a freemasonry, these in their own words “helpfull” “brothers”, helping people, etcetera — “humanists”.

    What low level morons in these networks of freemasonry don’t get is that they are little goyim ants, working for international Jewry.

    The head of AHEPA promoting Zionist business is a good indicator where their loyalties are.

    I bet that high level AHEPA “borhters” are affiliated with B’nai B’rith, and have the same Jewish bosses as the two Greek traitors: Samaras and Dendias.

    • If you read the letter, they do not come out and say “This money goes to Greeks” or “This money goes to Israel” but, as you can see, they use wording like “This company has a similar mission to AHEPA” which is supposed to mean that they are supporting Hellenism. AHEPA on the surface is supposed to be a support group for Greeks by definition, so Greeks simply assume (wrongly) that the endorsement is done to benefit the Greeks in some way.

  4. What is that around his neck in the pic and title of Supreme President, is that some sort of Freemason garbage? I also noticed Mr Anthony won’t even use his real Greek name of Adonis….he must be ashamed of it! He’s a traitor to his country men and religion!!!

  5. Me thinks Kostas is a “Troll”, if he is not and is speaking the truth, then its an absolute disgrace that he calls himself Greek..Should this Traitor ever visit your beautiful Country in the future, when Golden Dawn are in Government, I should think he is just another one of the many money grabbing “useful idiots” who need arresting and put on trial ……!

    • I like your passion guys. I have a life so i dont come to this blog on a daily basis, but thought i stop by and see an update. Call me what you want, i know who i am and where my roots stem from. I grew up in greece, i dont agree with the politics of the last 30 years, its been the same families ruling over these decades, and are in part the reason greece is suffering today. It is my opinion though that an extreme party like golden dawn will only make things worst for the overall population, but again that is my opinion.

      I say in part because its a global economic problem that is causing pain, and not a greek only specific. Other countries like Italy, portugal, ireland, and dont think things here in the states are any better, but in all cases things ARE getting better. Xaameriki, you are right, i do work in the investment world, and it has allowed me to see the world in a different light.

      I am a believer of the free market, capitalist economy, however you need a fair government in order for it to work. What greece needs is growth and jobs….how do you get that? I dont care if you are greek, german, african, chinese, you work with the govt of greece, and bring in some manufacturing jobs. Build a couple of factories like car factories, or better yet build out a tech hub and attract high paying jobs. If a greek business man wants to do it, great, but if it happens to be a german entrepreneur, who cares it will create jobs for LOCAL people, ie Greeks. This in turn will create service jobs, which in turn will create retail jobs. Put the people back to work, and work in a private sector environment. Have the money start circulating again. I bet you if that starts taking place, people of greece WILL have more money, thus makin them happier and the miseria that has plagued greece the last few years will be forgotten.

      Can golden dawn deliver that message? I bet they will get the votes if they do. The world has progressed its views on race and acceptance.

      We are all equal humans, proud of our individual heritage, and must work together for the benefit of all.

      • It’s easy to think like you when you are the one working for a Jewish owned International Investment Banking Firm down in Florida isn’t it Mr. Yenidounia? Things are getting better? Tell that to the thousands of people that have had their electricity cut by the AHEPA endorsed Samaras regime you and your bosses endorse. Please, save us your lectures about humanity and open mindedness, you are a disgrace with no care at all for Greek people. If you did, you would at least aknowledge the problems facing average Greeks. Also while your down there counting your money, you are basically saying the Greeks should just keep letting the government strangle them.

    • How is a situation with millions of young Greeks being forced to leave, a birth rate below replacement level, AND millions of islamic immigrants being encouraged to stay in the country with the blessing of the EU and Turkey sound like a situation that is “getting better” In your mind?

      I mean you are good with numbers right? How can country with 9.5 million Greeks and falling sustain such a pattern? Your bosses that support Israel certainly wouldn’t tolerate that for their patrida, so why do you?

      • You are right, many young greeks, working class is leaving for better opportunity in other countries. If you paid attention to my earlier post today, i say that our policies of the last 30 years is what has caused most of the major economic problems greece faces today. Take them all out and replace them. Where our opinions differ is that golden dawns method is the wrong one. Sure our borders should get stronger, but if the economy was better then those immigrants would have the same opportunity OUR parents and grandparents had when they came here in the states and flourished.

        I dont agree with all of samaras’ views, but at least they are not extreme, similar to the tea party here. I wish a political party in Greece would follow my plan similar to mine and expand jobs in our patrida. Then things would really get good.

        Im not here to argue with you, i like to debate matters like this because i truly care for Greece, and i wish i had the power and resources today to help in the way i mentioned. In fact i did write a fb email to samara with a similar topic, but with no response 😦

      • Those immigrants are unwanted, illegal and in a country not set up to take them, completely different from the history of controlled legal Greek immigration to the US.

        Certainly you can’t possibly be so stupid to not understand the difference, you are just a liar. You aren’t arguing because you have no response or solutions to these problems. You just talk, god forbid you would reach in your wallet and send food donations to starving Greeks instead of what you call “debating”.

    • Look at these facts back in the country you left








      After you watch this.come around and say that YOU DO ACKNOWLEDGE the problems “DEMOCRACY” and Samaras and all the other NON-EXTREMIST -according to YOU- and democratic political parties are doing in the country you left so you can work for Jews and make a personal career in the States and talk out of safety!! Then you wonder why NATIONALISM and Golden Dawn are the ONLY salvation to a bleeding and dying out Europe? And worse of All,. you come around on a site a million of Greeks LIVING IN GREECE read and have the gut to say that Samaras is trying and the situation is getting better in Greece, saying that the same politicians and Jew slaves like Samaras who brought the country into a hell will do everything they can to cure Greece?! You sir, You should be ashamed of yourself, for having the right to breath!–Period–

  6. I thought needed to jump into this conversation. Kostas makes some claims here that he cares for Greece , blames the government of the last 30 years for this economic crisis that has now brought country into a depression and yet he believes this “democracy” (which has always been corrupt-because Democracy in whole is a corrupt form of government) can “turn things around” by using the same methods these clowns have been for the last 30 years.
    Kostas my friend , you claim also that you had the “resources” to do something you would have. Well you live pretty well from what it seems here. you could opened up your wallet and helped the cause , even if it is a little.
    Also, you actually believe immigrants coming into Greece is the same as Greeks who came to the USA? Then you are delusional. Immigrants coming to Greece , from the third world especially brings nothing positive to homogenous country. If you were a family man you would see beyond your “business” mind. These are the kind of scoundrel Greeks that are causing our population to diminish, worldwide! Democratic Business minded people. Or simply Greeks who sell out their country and race for the dollar or (Euro). Democracy is a plague like the medieval bubonic plague that killed a huge part of the European population. Why? Because the minutes you allow a entrepreneur billionaire to control the country (ie bankers, speculators, financiers) these scoundrels overlook family values, religion, ethnic pride ect……these kind of people open the doors for mixing OUR Greek children with arabs, Africans Albanians ect……thus reducing our population in the name of Business! Progressing and expanding businesses would fine if they were run and controlled by Nationalists who care for the country and their people first. nationalists don’t screw each other over like “democratic” thinking Greeks .
    And if you starting babbling how I am racist and blahh blahh blahh, well being around illiterate “democratic” thinking Greek businessmen for years who always had boasted how “We Greeks gave democracy” to the world., The Light or the “FOS” -as if other countries didn’t have a ruling government or system of their own. YOU are the type of Greeks who are truly MORONIC! At least when a Nationalist speaks of his great history, he can back it with evidence and not malakies like some gyfto in a cafenio would vomit out of his mouth, when in fact he never picked up a book.
    If Golden Dawn didn’t exist, Greece would be almost nonexistent now. We would have 10m million Africans and Pakistanis rampaging our country (which in reality YOU do not care about) and resulting in the complete eradication of our people. Obviously you will never change your mind because people like you who act proud to be Greek- would be the first to put their tails between their legs and run if for example Turkey invaded. That’s the democrat attitude. Of course you have your allies the Marxists who would hand Greece over without lifting a finger. Why I say allies? because in the end democrats (which businessmen are part of) would unite with Marxists any day to destroy the nationalists. Nationalism is the healthiest type of movement for any nation. But you wont see that until its too late. But trust me, I will fight against traitorous business minded democrats and Marxists till my last breath to save my country. You guys wont. That is why in time will see the Nationalist parading down Syntagma in victory.
    in the meantime go back to routine life of going to church on sundays, going to thousand dollar dinner dances, looking good for pictures, and supporting some useless Greek charity group that most likely pockets most of the profits. Your opinion really makes a difference. No your opinion is the guiding light for all Greeks. hahaha

  7. I want to add one more thing. the problem with you Greeks who have been brainwashed to believe that “dimokratia” is the answer to everything. It is dimokratia that brings scoundrels and corrupt politicians into power. Democracy is the natural enemy of Nationalism in the end. Nationalists are the healthiest type of people that can run a country with the absence of corruption that democracy always brings.

    • “those immigrants would have the same opportunity OUR parents and grandparents had when they came here in the states and flourished.”

      This statement alone proves your delusion, did your parents go to the USA and demand a 5 bedroom house and 2 mercedes in the garage? No they didn’t, rather your parents scrimped and saved their pennies, to put you and your siblings in a decent school, your parents told you to behave yourselves and not act like animals, you dad mowed the lawn, and your mom cooked the meals, and your family made good neighbours, your dad had a job, that was viewed as meanial, but he stuck with it, saved, if the oportunity presented itself he opened his own business.

      Now let compare this to the immigrants you say will flourish if greeces economy was better, firstly, they have come into greece illegaly, your parents got all the paper work before going to the usa, so your immigrants don’t give a fuck about rules, no surprise their countries of origin are shithole, is it.

      Secondly, they paid some traffiker 5000 euros per family member to put them on a boat taking water, would your dad have done something that reckless, endangering your moms and your life, just to get into a country, illegally remember, so what kind of neighbours will people who don’t give a shit about the rules and will risk their families lives make, those kinds of people will form the shitholes they trying to get away from.

      The 3rd world immigrants share nothing with your parents, its actually an insult to your parents, surely as an intelligent person you should have been able to come to these conclusions by yourself, but your luxurious lifestyle make you prone to BS propaganda, think Kostas, think

      People who pay a triffiker 5K euro, to go into a country illegally and get on boats that are not sea worthy, make the shitholes that they crawling out from. These are scummy people, who will turn anywhere they goto into a shithole, the one thing they don’t realise is, THEY ARE THE PEOPLE, THEY TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM.

      Your parents, and thousands of other euro immigrants that spread thru out the world were citizens that built their host countries up, not turned them into shitholes, these people had kids who became a lot like there parents, contributed to society.

      3rd world immigrants are guttless, envious and parasitic, they don’t even have the balls to change their countries, they are all about instant gratification, they want the 5 bedroom house, and the 2 mercedes now, they will gun run, prostitute, drug run, all other illegal activities to get the life style your parents worked so hard to get.

      These are few pointers to correct your too liberal thinking

      These 3rd world immigrants grew up in shitholes, they don’t have european morals, they are the problem that made their societies from where they originate from the hostile societies they now desperatly trying to get away from.

      Where ever you take europeans, europe rises up around them, where ever you take nigerians, nigeria rises up around them, pakistanis will raise pakistan around them, haitians, will raise haiti.

      You don’t need a degree in finance to understand this simple concept.

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