11 comments on “When the Memorandum causes Amnesia: Adonis Giorgiadis forgets he didn’t want a Mosque in Athens.

  1. I’m a member and activist of Golden Dawn in Greece,resident of the heroic and historic town of Messolonghi.I’ve been following your posts for sometime now and I want to thank our brothers and sisters in N.Y. for spreading the voice of Golden Dawn to the English-speaking world.Keep up the good fight,as we do and one day-hopefully soon- the parasites and traitors like this slimmy little maggot Adonis will be rooted out of the politics of our beloved country.You’ll be hearing from me often from now on,I really like what you’re doing,especially your radio show,that rocks!!!
    Heil Hellas!!! Heil Victory!!!

  2. That face is definitely the face of a traitor, Adonis you call him , wrong name, the word maggot fits him perfectly…..”Hellenic Light”, greetings from Britain my friend and God bless all of you….

  3. It´s just a tragedy how all these peoples who seemed to have conservative and/or nationalist views abandon these when it´s really either do or die. I read about him that he called Central Athens “Taliban land”. Furthermore I read that he criticized the Jews and claimed that the Jewish people control the banking system and thereby are able to blackmail and control foreign countries. Truly he was pampered by the Gulf Arabs over all these years. If he is not still…

    • Read the West’s Darkest Hour by Chechar. On his blog he notes how the West’s pursuit of wealth ultimately destroys its ‘volk’

    • In this case, they never really had these views in the first place. They just wanted to exploit the section of the Greek population that has patriotic views and become controlled opposition.

      This was moderately successful in Greece in the mid 2000s but now has failed miserably, this is why people like Adonis have given up on this strategy and now go in full lockstep with the Zionists mm

      • Adonis Georgiadis is not just a candidate for the municipality issues of Attiki, he is right now the minister of the health ministry of Greece. Not only he destroyed the functional structures of Greek hospitals and all kinds of health centers, made a dozen of Greek doctors get fired,reduced&progressiv
        ely killed the health insurance for more than 7million Greeks making health a 3rd world country luxury, he signed and approved long termed cooperations with Israel’s interests over the fast progressive removal of the current drugs in Greece and the entry of almost exclusively Israeli cheap and highly dangerous,inappropriate and low quality drugs from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other places like that, where there is absolutely no international and trustworthy health organizations to control the conditions under which the drug products in Jewish industries are made, drugs that were constantly and consistently accused of serious side affects, cause of bleeding, heart attacks, dizziness, high blood pressure, abnormalities, and even deaths to other western countries that were previously signing contrasts with Jewish companies like Teva, such as U.S.A. and Canada.
        Even FDA in the States started talking about that matter with those drugs and laws were taken to empty the American drug store shelves of such highly dangerous drugs.
        Now those same Jewish drugs will be by literal force all over the Greek pharmacies, drugs that were already banned and labeled as highly suspicious in other western countries and all that thanks to the “conservative big patriot” Geordiadis , the ” conservative patriotic” nea dimokratia and their bosses, the IMF

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Traitors abound in the Nationalist movements in the USA and abroad. Here GD spotlights a traitor just as I did in my prio post regarding the American Freedom Party.

    Preserving the ‘volk’, a nation’s culture, it’s heritage is worth more than money. One’s heritage is priceless.

    In the USA, people of European descent have been labeled as ‘white’ in order to eradicate any identity of which they may have held. Americans were lured into supporting a World War waged upon our brothers and sisters in Europe, which hence isolated us from Europe and turned our motherland against us. The Empire of the USA has imposed its capitalist, globalist model of economy on Europe and stripped the continent of its identity. Now the European Union falters as Nationalism grows in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Holland, and of course Greece. It is imperative that Nationalists in all countries put the spotlight on the traitors. As it is said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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