6 comments on “Golden Dawn Food Distribution in Greece being held tomorrow. Thanks to all who have donated!

  1. Have your time for now,wolves,have your time!Be warned though,as the day shall come,when the sheep you feast on will turn into lions and devour you!!!
    ΕΣΕΤΑΙ ΗΜΑΡ ( an ancient Greek saying that means “there shall come the day…”)

  2. A small but important point in light of how desperate our Hellenic brethren are: upon handing out the pasta, Golden Dawn members should be telling the recipients to soak the pasta for a few hours until suitable to eat. Only then should it be heated for a hot meal (this massive shortens the cooking time needed -thus saving on gas and electricity bills).

    I may or may not be pointing out the obvious but am trying to help. I will now look into sending from Amazon a shipment to the P.O. Box.

    Best regards,

    AAA (England)

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