7 comments on “Illegal 297 member Greek parliament suspends Golden Dawn funding. Food Drives will continue anyway!

  1. This is disgusting. I believe people all over the world are beginning to see what a sham “democracy” is. This is not just a crime, it is a human rights violation.So many Greeks,even apolitical Greeks, are DEPENDING on the funding of Golden Dawn just to eat. The “tolerant” democrats are starving people to death,like Josef Stalin.

    These scum deserve to hang for their crimes against humanity. They pat themselves on the back for opposing “fascism”, which is a misnomer anyway, but THEY are the monsters starving little children to death to maintain an iron grip on POWER in the face of the popular Greek will which demands NATIONALISM.

  2. Great stuff, you can tell by a quick glance at these pictures that people appreciate what you do, keep it up! I also love the huge flag of your fallen comrades on that building. It looks very grand!

  3. Good for Golden Dawn Defy those traitorous bastards and keep up the foof drive, to see the kids happy is most touching, this is what Golden Dawn is all about, proving the media wrong and making them look like the bastard criminals they reall are Hail Golden Dawn, bringing life & light to those who have lost their way

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