10 comments on “Golden Dawn opens yet another office! Mandra Attica Inauguration!

  1. Congratulations my brothers! Keep up the good work and honorable struggle to free the homeland of parasitic Zionist puppets!

  2. Congratulations,comrades! Hopefully this development has the zionist bloc wringing their soft little hands in despair.

  3. OPA!!!!!!!! Our day of victory draws ever closer Smash Zion Hail GOLDEN DAWN Bringing light to those who have lost their way

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    So I just have to ask, where is the Ehite Nationalist or National Socialist office in the USA? The SPLC has headquarters as does the ADL, why can’t White European ancestored people in The USA have a headquarters such as a White Caucus?

    Goes to show you that the political system in the USA is a farce. There are no Democrats or Republicans, just The Party.
    GD is reaching voters because they are genuine and populist in their approach. They are real. This is about preserving cultural identity, so middle of the road appeasement will not work.

    America has no one like GD. Our so called Nationalists focus on distractions such as IQ, black violence, feminism, and other flim flam topics. GD calls out the Zionists, International Jewry, and American and European traitor sell-out politicians. That is why GD is successful. That is why they have seats in Parliament. That is why they are opening offices.

    Where is our office in America White Nationalists? Nowhere. As Sebastian Ronin stated on Chechar’s blog The West’s Darkest Hour, White Nationalism in the USA is Jewish.

    That’s a problem.

    • American WN”s waste so much time on all the topics you mentioned, mostly feminism. Chechar makes an excellent point. I do think bringing the reality of black on white violence to whites is important however. But what’s happening in the wake of Trayvongate is that the zionist media is just using it as an excuse to fabricate and spin so it’s perceived as black on jewish violence.

      Does Greece have any protections for free speech?

      It’s great to see Kasidiaris laughing, and Golden Dawn building anew., while never forgetting their fallen martyrs.

      Golden Dawn preaches love for their people and their civilization. It continues to amaze me that so few WN’s in America learn from them, although some show signs of progress. For the Greeks, it is enough to be Greek and that’s as it should be. Because american europeans descend from different tribes, we seem to define ourselves by difference.

      But there are beacons of light amidst the darkness. Bless this new office and the true europeans everywhere!

      • To answer your question Harley: Legally and officially Greece has had freedom of speech laws somewhat similar to the US. However the press distribution works very differently in Greece, since most newstands are run by small business owners.

        In Greece, I can buy at a newstand a huge spectrum of political and historical newspapers, communist, anarchist, center left, nationalist, “conservative” etc etc.

        In the US, if I go to most newstands, I can only find democrat or republican newspapers, and a few left wing cultural marxist “hip” ones. The Nationalist papers are not illegal, but the supply chain of those who own newstands in the US is controlled by large almost entirely jewish conglomerates. Some so large just one may be publishing 50 newspapers or magazines.

        So in the US while it’s perfectly legal to have a politically incorrect book, you can’t just walk in and find it browsing your local “barnes and noble”.

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