7 comments on “Christmas Wishes from our leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos

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    Free Nikos the Great! Love what the Golden Dawn are doing in Greece and beyond, showing Greeks worldwide along with other nationalists the true path of resistance!

  2. Nikolaos michaloliakos, 2013 is nearly with us now and what a year its going to be! Nationalism is happening everywhere, it will be the beginning of the end for these controlled perverts, thieves and traitors who, in their respective ways, have given our countries away and put our childrens futures in jeopardy …Nationalism is happening everywhere , more so in your once beautiful homeland….It cannot be long now before the traitors (maggots) have to release you…You, Sir, are among the Greats and the Greek people are very lucky to have a man like you in their corner…Myself and family salute you….

  3. Hail!

    Best wishes from your nationalist brothers around the world for Christmas,New Year, and beyond. Here’s hoping the New Year will bring with it freedom from unlawful imprisonment for all of our brothers-in-arms,food and jobs for the people of Greece, and an end to zionist occupation in each and every white nation!

    If not, here’s hoping we bring the wrath of God down on the lecherous invaders and their alien colonizer pets across the globe.


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