10 comments on “VIDEO: Ilias Kasidiaris Greek TV interview with English Subtitles

  1. thanks for uploading this but i swear ive seen it before, i wish they would make more of their vids with the english subs

      • Thank you very much. Your folks hard work and dedication is very much appreciated by many of our people all over.

      • its about time that u guys do subtitles on important and relevant interviews and speeches in parliament etc. i did mention it several months back and im glad that u guys are now doing this as a matter of urgency. many around the world have an opinion on GD purely based on jihadist commie leftist media opinions and disinformation so i hope now that they hear it from the horses mouth things will change by a broader segment of the intl populace or at least the ones that do have more than one brain to share between a group of friends. The more intl support one gains the better it will be for the GD globally and in turn greece too. Keep this up and i wish u all the best for the new year

  2. Looks like Anonymous finally got around to attacking XA like they said they were gonna do back on October 28th! They must of been too busy saving the world from evil white men!

    • I can only say to anonymous dont you have “real” evil to be exposing like Israel or America instead of golden dawn who unlike Israel and U.S actually help people

  3. Although the cult of personality is important, I hope Kaz remains a politician and doesn’t succumb to the fame monster.

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