5 comments on “VIDEO: Golden Dawn: “Our faith is stronger than fire.” English Subtitles.

  1. Now that the Golden Dawn videos are getting subtitled, the whole world can learn what the Golden Dawn truly stands for: A free Greece with Greeks in it! Long live the Golden Dawn!!!!

  2. Great music for Patriots, so very uplifting..From fellow Patriots across the world to our Greek brothers and sisters who have not yet become a part of the Golden Dawn, think of what these “controlled traitors” have done to your beautiful Country and your childrens future… You are known for your Patriotism and strong family ties, fight as one, become part of that Golden Dawn, and get very very angry!

  3. When are the absent ones, the leadership, being rescued from ilegal detention ? It has been 4 months since they were hauled away. This is insane. What are our lawyers doing ? we have to get them out of Koridalos, and intern Samaras, Venizelos,Tso[ras and the entire politcial carcass instead.

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