10 comments on “Are All Immigrants Equal? Media Parrots VS Golden Dawn NY

  1. Anddddddd after this article you have to ask the American media if they need ice for that burn because they wont ever respond to this and if they do they are going to do the 3 step program of, Reject the facts,Throw all arguments out the window,Call you racist,Nazis,fascists,etc. But im sure you’re not surprised if they do so, I wont be.

  2. As George Orwell aptly put it, “Some are more equal than others”.

    He who already pointed the first disgusting signs of the communist and anti-Whitism, doublethink is pointed out today as it should be in his honour and every other fallen or fighting, loyal White.

    Point out the obvious truth again and then yet again, and ye shall witness the system and it’s zombie minions be enraged and fall into deep fear and anger from it. Which is only to our advantage as they expose themselves for the demons they are!

    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for Anti-White.

    “Tolerance is a HATE word for White GeNOcide!

  3. The United States was never conceived for one ethnic group,but one could argue it was meant to be bequeathed to people from what was once Christendom,based on the language the Founders used regarding the Constitution being only of any use for a virtuous,law-abiding, and god-fearing folk and bequeathing the country to “ourselves and our posterity”.

    The United States owes much of its philosophic framework to Greece and her heroic people. You lit the way for us and we have always had a special place in our heart for your people. Overall, we colonials, as well as other Europeans want to learn from your people and to share with you.

    If we had been asked before they moved them in, we would have said “HELL NO”. We like living next door to Greeks in America. Nobody wants these illegal alien criminals living next to them. I think if we moved a truckload of them into the houses or neighborhoods of some of these Zionist scumbags to pimp out their daughters and turn their corner store into a drug den,they’d feel the same way in short order.

    Greece can ill afford any more immigration from anywhere and it is the same in much of Europe as I understand the situation. The zionists are playing dumb and wrapping their passive-aggressive attacks on our nations up in some crap about “tolerance”,but they know the situation on the ground. They know immigration is killing Greece,and much of Europe. That’s why they support it. Immigration is a weapon that they are using against us, but we have weapons of our own. We can destroy their nation, even though it is not rooted in soil as our nations are, just as effectively.

    Together,we WILL do it. We will liberate all white peoples from the yoke of yid tyranny,and our nations will all rise again together. And then,together,we will finish that unfinished business with this little tribe of Machiavellian nation-wreckers once and for all.

    • Excellent said ThatOldTimeReligion!
      I particularly deeply enjoyed and agreed with you on the part:
      “Together,we WILL do it. We will liberate all white peoples from the yoke of yid tyranny,and our nations will all rise again together. And then,together, we will finish that unfinished business with this little tribe of Machiavellian nation-wreckers once and for all.”

      The Jews MUST be destroyed. We feel absolutely NO remorse and no mercy and any respectable human feelings for these pathetic demonic extremely sneaky and inhuman creatures. Leave a Jew somewhere alive, he will find another Jew to make a secret network and work hand in hand to make a Satanic intellectual conspiracy of how to oppose power and control to the other race community they live among and parasite it. And they are damn evil-sneaky and highly evil-sophisticated. It’s like they were born for that and nothing else, they hold master degrees for that from birth, their role is JUST to parasite and do every sneaky and coward thing you can imagine to take control and dominate the other race communities around them with hidden, thief-like and lacking every honor and honesty methods.
      The creatures i would compare them with if we take a look in nature and the animal kingdom, (and i find outstanding similarities between those two) are the rats. As the rats live underground, go underground, and come on the surface with a sneaky fast speed to steal food and carry all kinds of parasites with them, in the the more human sophisticated ways, human races have that among them too, and these are the Jew communities worldwide.
      And those Jews form connections to each other, keeping their plans of how to parasite, take absolute control and destroy the people and races they live with(particularly white Christian European societies from the very past), and finally destroy, secret and strictly Jewish, and once the disease they bring in our society is inserted, then slowly and progressively you see all the symptoms of a rotten morally and physically weak and ill society showing up.
      I believe that facts are facts and that we should all take a close look from the very old years, of how the Jews have ALWAYS always been unwanted, suspicious for deceit and very low life seen from various European countries, before the ww2, when they were hunted down under Hitler’s openly declared genocidal war.
      It is very interestingly surprising, and apparently well hidden today -once again- and covered that there were deeply anti-semetic feelings all across Europe for centuries. Quite many Europeans from the very old times (from the time the rat parasite tribes of Jews were moving inside Europe)were strongly suspicious of them and witnessed their business and societies getting affected, weakened and polluted into ill from the Jewish communities forming strictly Jewish-favoring conspiracy networks around them. The Jews were always Not wanted wherever they were going, and they were seen as thieves,deceits and bad business. We wonder why?

      Here’s a very good video of what the -always not openly said and seen- Jewish network plan is
      for Europe and every white nation globally.
      This Jewish evil scum woman is actually admitting on camera the huge transformations Europe MUST (she says must, she uses that word) go through and that the Jews are in the center of it. Enjoy… the parasites, openly admitting what the evil Jewish plan was for our people and our nations for centuries now

  4. Heh,sorry. Editing fail.

    “If we had been asked before they moved them in, we would have said “HELL NO”. We like living next door to Greeks in America.”

    Should be: “We don’t want to live next to Islamic colonizers or Mexican aliens.If we had been asked before they moved them in, we would have said “HELL NO”. We like living next door to Greeks in America.”

  5. “One last fact important to note, is that the United States as a country was never built on the principal of of an ethnically homogenous state designed for the interests or protection of one ethnic group.”

    While you are trying to be helpful in your article, in this sentence, you iterate the LIES of the NWO demagogues, who want to deny ANY White nation, a ‘homeland.’

    Indeed, the USA WAS built on racial, cultural, and religious tenets that favored, established, and enshrined one specific group as the only REAL ‘Americans’- and Greeks to this day, in their subconscious, know this.

    The USA was created for Free, White, Literate, Christian ENGLISHMEN. All of the state charters, the writings of the Founding Fathers (all Englishmen!), and the efforts at ‘Americanization’ up until roughly the early 1950’s, were directed toward that end.

    We have the “3/5ths” clause that forever disestablished the Negro from being thought of as ‘the equal of the White Man’ – and no amount of post WBTS rhetoric can EVER change that. We have ‘for US, and for OUR POSTERITY’ clearly written, to denote to whom the War for Independence from the MOTHERLAND- BRITAIN, was being fought against. Lastly, we fought the war, not because we were anarchic rebels, but because we were being DENIED THE RIGHTS OF ENGLISHMEN.

    You cannot have your cake, and eat it, too, on this one, Gentlemen.

    • This is not a lie, of course the United States did have racially discriminate laws, that was seen as common sense in those days. but it’s formation was not ethnocentric, nor anything like the formation of the Greek state in the 19th century.

      An ethnic state, and a “white christian country” that doesn’t see negroes as equal are two distinct things.

      This is why you virtually never hear 100% English desceded Americans refer to themselves as “Ethnic English”. or “English Americans”. They refer to themselves as “Americans” because when the county was founded they had no laws specifically referring to an “Ethnic English” population, and free white men with birth on US soil was the legal definition of an American.

      In Greece, birth on Greek soil does not transfer citizenship, non-Greeks, white or not, can not automatically gain Greek citizenship by being born in Greece.

  6. I would like to comment but just as the tool reporter starts speaking the video fails and gives some error indication.

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