11 comments on “2014: The National Resistance Continues!

  1. The amount of money required to run the kind of Botnet required to take down the servers for this long is beyond the reach of a typical junkie leftist. For sure the hackers have government affiliation, or big plutocratic money behind them.

    Shows the desperation of the system. They shut us out from the mainstream media and people just come to us on the internet. Then they try to shut us down on that medium. Shows you the power of the truth, and the natural fear it evokes in the scum.

  2. The number one lesson to learn about Jews and the elites they cherry pick to administer society is that they have no rules, constitutions or ethics when it comes to crushing their critics and political opposition. None of the laws matter, if you stand up against them they will silence you, imprison you, and try to kill you. It takes noble men to stand up against these vampires and drive the stake through the heart of their power. Take back the finances and wrestle the media out of their hands, and they will be what they have been all of history: a tiny minority of mentally ill, sociopathic freaks that should be banished from the West.

    • The first attack in October was anonymous for sure, it was a lower caliber of ddos attack that had been announced prior urging all of them to flood the server at the same time. This recent one seems far beyond what a bunch of guys living in their parents basements are capable of, it was not announced through the usual methods anonymous uses. Elections are getting closer.

  3. Keep kicking ass and taking names,we believe in you,Golden Dawn. We are taking the fight to the zios,the marxists,the aliens,and the libtard/Labour scum selling out our countries and we’re glad to have the fighting spirit of the nationalists of Greece with us in this war for blood,soil,and identity.

  4. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    This article highlights the desperation of International Jewry in its quest to obtain and maintain a New World Order.

    Sorry Jews, but your egomaniacal quest for domination of the world will not come to fruition. It just won’t happen.
    You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people for some, but not all the people all of the time. The word is out about the dastardly plans of the Zionists and their traitorous, co – opted enablers in the political class of various European nations. The Internet is the modern version of the printing press and the people’s of European descent throughout the world are freeing themselves with the truth.

  5. Your shirts are so cool! Maybe you can make it so that whoever gives a pretty big donation gets a gray t-shirt that says “Supporter” in small letters, in Greek, under XPYSH AYGH. I said maybe gray instead of black because that way the big supporters are not confused with active members. This sort of thing might encourage more and larger donations from us materialist animals 😉 Just a thought.

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