10 comments on “Communist Party Of Greece Hosts A Feast Of Hate For Immigrants Only

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The NWO Globalist Communist regime has brainwashed people of European descent or attempted to brainwash people of European descent that it is morally wrong or even criminal.

    There is nothing wrong with self preservation. It is natural. There is nothing criminal or amoral in looking out to protect one’s culture and/or ethnicity.

    The Globalist NWO Commie Jews are trying to facilitate an eradication of all white Christian European identity. They want the identity of white European Christian people erased because when one does not have an identity, he or she is better able to subjugated and enslaved. But European nations are resisting with GD in Greece leading the way! All hail Golden Dawn!!

  2. They feed only the immigrants and let the Greeks starve. Only a Greek who hates his countrymen could support the current regime and its beloved communists. GOLDEN DAWN!!!! LONG LIVE GREECE!!!!!

  3. No source no truth many will feel and so will not trust this article.
    Why bother giving an effort and just let people find it all. You have to back up your posts and you guys do not on many articles which most will not and should not believe it just because you said it. Just like how people should not trust the other party just because they said it.

    • Ok, Do you read Greek? What are you saying that we would make this up just to make KKE look bad? You do know that KKE is not even close to being a competitor in votes with Golden Dawn. What would the motivation be then?

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