14 comments on “VIDEO: “Greece Will Be Victorious!” English Subtitles

  1. “hellas12” Your Post seems nonsensical my friend..As long as there is no interference from the usual suspects (controlled traitors) and Golden Dawn gets the most seats then they will govern and put right what was once your beautiful country….Believe me, when this happens no scabby little anarchist /communist will interfere, plus i would hope the traitors of Greece who have sold your country to the highest bidder will stand trial and perhaps face the ultimate penalty for TREASON…….! I am not Greek, i am Britsh but i love and respect all Patriots…..

    • Do you really believe the Zionists will just let go of the european people? No, they will marshal all their forces to subjugate us. rest assured. There will be at least some violent conflict in the journey to liberation. The various factions of the zionist coalition simply cannot carry themselves and will die trying to subjugate and repress us.

      • True, this is why, one by one, we must drive them out of our countries. Those who succeed must help others to stand up, and then when we have enough brave and strong men to do it, we must turn on our collective attention on zion itself. Zion,like the matrix, is all around us. So it is not hard to find. Throw a rock and you will hit it.

        Throw it hard.

  2. It’s great that you do video translations now, but the white subtitle text is hard to read at times. Giving the text an outline in black or some other dark color would make it more legible.

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