11 comments on “Neo-Nazis Everywhere: Zionists Discover New Secret “Nazi Greeting”- First Offender Is A Black Footballer

  1. The Quenelle is described by all who did it as a gesture against the establishment.

    So when Jews get this offended, doesn’t that mean that they are the establishment?

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    The Jew grievance racket surrounding the Holocaust to set Jews up as the eternal victims as they stealthy strategize and conspire for their NWO is ready to crumble. Everybody and everything these paranoia infected Hebes see and hear is Neo Nazi. The term is losing its strength in meaning rapidly as the Hebes continue to ‘cry wolf’. No one really gives a damn anymore as The Tribe has cried and wailed over every potential Neo Nazi innuendo.

  3. “…gesture, which is being used across Europe by people who seek to circumvent draconian “hate speech” laws that have come into force across the continent.”

    This is a great idea! We should have lots of gestures like this! And songs and words with hidden meanings too. Even if they discover the hidden meaning, they won’t be able to prove anything.

  4. “Use of the “quenelle” is “gaining more and more momentum, is very pervasive on the internet and social networks, and is increasingly becoming a symbol of the Nazi regime, and does not look like a passing phenomenon”

    I’ll admit I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to European news….they still got the Nazi Party in Germany? How old is Chancellor Hitler now? About 115? Boy,he’s really getting along in years. Glad to see he’s still a trend-setter,though.

  5. But la quenelle is used by everybody, and Dieudonné (and also one of his friend, named Soral, which is a forming communist) dream for a multiracial and muslim-friendly society.
    It is just very fun to see immigrants and muslim friendly people turning their hate not only against french natives people but also against their jewish masters.

    On this picture, muslims are making a “Quenelle” on the site of Poitiers, where Charles Martel crushed the muslim barbarian army in 732.

    • Well, I intentionally drip pork grease onto pieces of halal food (I’ve tainted probably one in every 150,000 packages of halal food in the United States) randomly, so I guess I can’t complain.

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