13 comments on “Golden Dawn Main Site Back To Normal And Analysis Of Latest Attempt To Silence Nationalists

  1. I’m starting to think that the group Anonymous and it’s anti-establishment/ anti-government stance is merely a smokescreen. They’ve taken down a few of our government’s websites for a few hours with no damage done. Big deal. I think they’re working for or with the CIA, NSA, etc. to disrupt any government or group who’s objectives are not favorable to the US. Otherwise, law enforcement would’ve taken them down years ago. It’s not that hard for the FBI to trace these activities back to a small group. Once they catch one, he’ll give up all the others.

    • The thing with Anonymous is they are not a real group you can claim to be them i mean i could hack any website and say im anonymous

  2. Does anyone have any data on the number of computers per Greek household? Because if the number is low then the internet isn’t that effective a campaigning strategy anyway. So disrupting Golden Dawn’s Greek website isn’t going to have any major negative effects on their election results.

    • Considering GD’s grass-roots actions, work and support I’m not sure that the internet is their primary tool anyway. The Golden Dawn do the work where it counts, “in the streets”, in their communities and amongst their Folk. They’re doing it right. The rest of us –who aren’t already– need to make that change.

      I think the internet as a tool works best for them in keeping the rest of the pro-White racial Nationalist world up to date and informed on their activities, strategies and tactics. We should all be learning from their successes.

      • Just wanted to add some more specific wording.

        We also should be learning from their specific methods and ways of doing propaganda work. Both for us and in reaction to our enemies and opposition. This is in large part a psychological war we’re engaged in and one thing I see is that the leadership and organization of Golden Dawn are very well informed and knowledgeable –along with being effective and productive– in working these concepts to their advantage. They obviously have very capable professionals working every angle. Something else we all need to be working to achieve in our own areas.

  3. Vasili is right. Anyone is anonymous.

    The people who attacked Golden Dawns website are anti fascists knocking out many other nationalist websites. In the United States, Anonymous knocked down an American Nationalist Website called Crosstar. The anonymous picture said anti white.

    It’s not government, its 100% leftist motivated and anyone with any strategy would know that most of Golden Dawns operations are offline. It was 100% the work of amateurs.

    My advice is to keep on the original path and shrug off the attack. The time will come when the golden rule will be applied.

  4. I am relieved to hear that you are holding up. I think the other commenters are both right and wrong concerning leftist hackers. Yes, anyone can claim to be anonymous and anonymous is obviously leftist antifa, but that doesn’t preclude government support, even government support by the tribal government of that nomadic group that’s always causing trouble. You know which tribe. They’re nomads and they’re not Mohawk Indians,Gypsies, or Mongol Chinese-those guys are all relatively harmless in comparison.

    Anyway, I figure it’s like the people on a certain bus on a certain bus route. Anyone can get on the bus and ride it, provided they have the money to buy a ticket, but if you get on there often, you’ll see the same faces over and over again. Only,some of these antifa hacker faces on the bus are connected to world governments. Some of them are of that tribal government. They,tribe or EUSSR/USSN, let anybody get on the bus and ride it because it takes the focus off of them specifically and individually.If someone goes down, it’s dumb kids. People think the dumb kids are anonymous, makes anonymous seem less threatening. The real guys are never touched. Officially, they don’t exist.

    Remember the “computer trouble” Iran’s nuclear enrichment program had a little while back?

    I think they’re doing it not to actually undermine nationalists online,but simply to try to send some type of message or intimidate us.If this is the case, they’re going to be severely disappointed.

  5. Still not possible to enter xpyshavgh.com under a European IP, but that’s what proxies are for.
    Let’s keep disappointing them.

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