10 comments on “The Incompetence of Dendias

  1. When is the next Greek election and are the four recently arrested Golden Dawn MPs still allowed to run for office even though they have charges pending against them?

  2. The next Greek legislative election is expected to take place no later than 2016 but regional elections in Greece will be executed at the end of May this year so parallel to the European Parliament Elections as well as the Belgian general elections and some other elections. The chances are more than good for GD to get a majority in many parts of Greece in the regional elections (see international newsroom). Perhaps the greatest danger could be for GD if the other parties of the system as some already announced would join a coalition to keep GD out. It is more than likely that ND and SYRIZA will join forces. I don´t think that PASOK will be of any importance since it´s highly unlikely that they even get enough percents to pass the 3 % threshold. When it comes to the Independent Greeks and LAOS I´m not so sure if the will pass the threshold. From the Independents Greeks there is not much to anticipate they have shown that they would rather join forces with the communists than with GD but I´m not so sure about LAOS I think they rather join forces with GD.

      • Does any party besides Golden Dawn call out the jewmasters?

        In the US there are those organizations who profess to be ‘pro-White’ who really are just zionists.

        Never forget who is behind the subjugation and genocide of the european people, and never allow anyone allegedly advocating for Whites to get away with one inch of indulgence of the jews. Any group which does so needs to be recognized and called out for what it is – corrupt and/or controlled opposition. This message is for the americans, and whatever europeans visit. I trust Golden Dawn understands who the enemies of the Greek people are.

  3. I agree, GD is the only anti system party…all the rest are the same but with different names and hats on!

  4. So THAT is Dendius, the traitor who conned some of the Greek people into voting for him? I know that name calling can,sometimes be a bit childish but then my son is young and he has just said, “God dad, yak, he is one ugly”… I am afraid to say that i totally agree with him, plus he has the eyes of a lizard….My son has also commented on those comical blackend eyebrows! To all of you Greek Patriots, stay strong the Nationalist world is with you! Myself and family send love to the people of Greece…….

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