9 comments on “The Fall Of Samaras: Golden Dawn Now Second Most Popular Party! – Article with Video in English Subtitles 

  1. Why on earth would people vote Syriza if that motley crew bloody gives nothing and without fail toes the EU junta’s pro poverty line!!!!????

  2. All I can think of is all the sacrifices people have made, of the two young men who made the ultimate one and of their families and friends., and of the Greek people, who shall rise again. Golden Dawn continues to keep hope in the hearts of all the europeans who live in fear and degradation in their own homelands. All over the world, we must follow the example they set for us. White Flight no longer; now it is White Fight.

  3. Super news! I have a very strong feeling that 2014 will be very, very special for our Nationalist brothers and sisters around the world. I think a sunami of anger is waiting to explode, to be unleashed against the diabolical filth traitors who would give to the highist bidder our countries and our childrens future away ….!

  4. This is a really optimistic article considering how grim things were looking when Golden Dawn leadership was arrested causing the media to go into a feeding frenzy. I certainly hope you are right.

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