67 comments on “Nick Griffin of BNP holds joint press conference with Golden Dawn Today

  1. Good to see nationalists working together and it only looks to be increasing.

    I think that’s the first time I heard Kasidiaris speak english, I always wondered how his english was.

  2. Big mistake. He is a jewish puppet. Stay away from him. Hes going to be the death knell of G.D.

    You guys can be that stupid??!!!! All this hard work, for a shabbos goy to mess it up?? Please dont build bridges with him. Britain was infiltrated along time ago. He is a con.

    Here we go again, stupid decisons by ‘leaders’

    • Perhaps you would care to expand on this more. How will Griffin speaking in favor of Golden Dawn in the EU Parliament be the “death knell” of Golden Dawn. We would be very interested to hear this.

      • He is after the money he wants to keep his gravytrain he pretty much killed the BNP, they had quite a few Councillors now they have two (I’m sure they’ll go soon), he is a swindle and The British Resistance has wrote extensively on the matter, he must go.

        Western Spring is the one to contact.

    • I wont be tweeting this post. Nick Griffin is a sell out plain and simple. And is also unwilling to expose the Jew octopus. He and the BNP can no longer considered truly Nationalist. In fact he opposes much of what GD stands for.

      Plus it is naive of GD to think he will hold on to his his seat in the EU parliament come the elections in May.

      Really disappointed with GD.

      Michael Quinn INB leader/founder.

    • I can assure everyone here that Golden Dawn makes their own decisions. They will never allow someone from the outside to undermine them. And another thing, I hope Griffin knows that Golden Dawn will never accept jews so for everyone who is a Nationalist posting here can be assured by that fact. And for those who didnt know, Griffin did say already that he didn’t agree with everything Golden Dawn stands for

      • All these anti Griffinites on here make me sick they are of no use to GD whatsoever,The lefties and jews don’t even have to bother commenting because of them.

    • Oh please, where is your evidence?

      This comments section has been infested with leftys.

      Why would any GENUINE nationalist object to Nick Griffin MEP (who is legally trained) help Golden Dawn obtain justice from the human rights court?

      • Ladies and Gentlemen, please this is not a forum for British people to argue with one another. Many of you are overreacting, Nick Griffin has not become a member of Golden Dawn, he simply gave a press conference speaking to reporters. Golden Dawn is not an organization identicle to the BNP and vice versa. There is no need to act as if hell is freezing over.

    • Mr Griffin started out in his youth quite different than what he later started doing in the 2000s trying to make his message more palatable to a wider range of voters by speaking on terms from a british “patriotic” perspective. That perspective of enocouraging Anti-German sentiment sort of gets misunderstood with being anti-national socialist to outsiders.

      Britain is a country with a population that, like the US has a Generation of people who believe in the narrative of Allied WWII history combined with personal family losses from the war. This makes it virtually impossible for that segment of the population to accept ideas taken from the German Third Reich (even if the application of those ideas would benefit the people) if people were told “BNP is national socialist”

      So what did he do? He starts a party platform that incorporates many National Socialist economic and social policy, but markets it as “British Patriotism”.

      In the short term, it succeeded in making these ideas more accepted, but in the long term it fails, because the media kept calling him a “Nazi” anyway. And the voters started to decline slowly.

      We spoke with Mr.Griffin about this who as certainly learned this reality, and told him if he speaks up for Golden Dawn he will be branded and outcast even further away from “conservative” british society, and he told us he understood and accepted this.

      Sure enough, if you check the recent UK press coverage of what happened yesterday, Griffin is now the equivalent to “Hitler with tea and crumpets.”

      Regardless of how Mr. Griffin fares in future UK elections, at least now the line is drawn between the “kosher nationalists” in Europe and the ones who really intend to clean up this mess.

      • Yeah. He is a populist then. The Jews will always brand any pro-white organisation as Nazi.

        The right approach is to take the hard way — saying yeah, we are national socialists, but hey, the stuff that you where learnt in school is post war propaganda, watch this documentary instead:

        thegreateststorynevertold dot tv

        Instead of the fake “Holocaust” there is a real Holocaust of up to 15 million Germans, AFTER the war. Read about the Morgenthau plan (masterminded by two Jews of course) if you not already know about it.

        What Griffin does is populism. I remember one pro-Golden Dawn speech he held, he labelled the heroes of the German people as an “evil regime”, if my memories are correct. You have to remember that the German people fought against the same Zionist hydra as we do. Condemning, instead of embracing these heroes, will fuel the Zionist propaganda.

        Seeing some other of Griffins statements posted by others in this thread just fuels the anger of him being affiliated with Golden Dawn. “Nazi cranks”, the German people of the second world war where lovely human beings, ending up being slaughtered by the Zionist murderesses.

        Griffin is an arrogant prick it seems like. Thanks Nationalist4UK for posting this information about him.

      • Robin why does one have to be a national socialist in such a hardcore way to be anti-zionist and populist (If we use that term to mean the same thing)?

        What’s with the europeans on this issue? I suppose because you’re more socialist you see things that way. As an american I guess I don’t feel we need to hew to some regime that’s in the past, but instead should innovate and improvise from where we are now looking forward.

    • Griffin did say that he didn’t agree with everything Golden Dawn stood for. so I can guess he doesn’t agree with the ideology and doesn’t agree with Golden Dawns stance on jews. That is already clear

  3. My name is Paul Morris and I am the editor of The British Resistance and can assure you that for Golden Dawn to associate itself with Nick Griffin is one of the biggest mistakes it could ever make.

    I am prepared to provide information showing him to be a liar and much much worse and prepared to face him in a court of law over what I have reported on him in the past.

    He is responsible for setting back the white race and nationalism in Britain decades (it may never recover) and I urge you to do some more serious research into this man who is loathed by all true National Socialists.

  4. Oh dear, being an ex BNP member and witnessing with my own eyes and ears nick griffin’s utter contempt towards the the party members, I fear you are making a big mistake getting involved with a liar. It took me several months to realise that nick griffin thinks of nobody but himself and the decent honest members of the BNP are being used for his own gains. Unfortunately alot of members of the BNP are blinkered by nick griffin. Please take what people on here are saying especially Green Arrow
    I was devastated when I found out the truth about this man as I trusted and believed in him

  5. http://www.aryannationalist.co.uk/index.php?news&nid=56
    Nick Griffin on Syria achieves more in one week then ANY other so-called ‘British Nationalist Party’ and/or individual ( … yawn ) achieves in a whole year …
    Good to see European Nationalists actually doing and working together and usual fine speech by NG
    THERE IS NO – I repeat – NO Political Party and/or ‘movement’ ( … ha! ha! ha! ) and/or essential Leadership in the UK but the BNP and Nick Griffin including the many, many flaws …

    • Paul (jinx) Hickman, left the BNP then rejoined the BNP then left again and recently joined the NF who are paralysed through infighting and cannot stand a candidate and only has 10 members.
      Some Nationalist he is, at least the BNP go places.

      Paul was seen continuously head butting his bedroom wall after he found out the BNP had formed ties with his idols.

      Paul now realises that he jumped ship to soon and lays on his bed staring into space and mumbling.

      • “at least the BNP go places”
        Mostly to the bankruptcy courts these days. I witnessed our group being stripped of our own monies just before the last general election leaving us floundering, confused and bloody angry. He broke the whole team and other local groups. What were three vibrant and growing groups are now one tiny virtually inactive rump.

      • Person with the Nick Lowels google profile. I left the BNP due to their constant contradictions and inviting Jews into the party (see NG tweet). I did come back after lots of people talked me round.

        Then when I was told I couldn’t even show a Celtic Cross flag at my branch meeting (Golden Dawn are proud to fly our flag) I said enough and enough and left.

        The NF have problems but at least they are true to the 14 words – unlike Griffin. Where are the BNP ‘going places’ exactly?

        They don’t even have an organiser for large cities like Birmingham and Liverpool. Nothing in Wales and Nothing in Scotland. The most active branch is London who have done activities with an Indian Lady and have the embarrassment Carlos Cortiglia as a Press Officer.

        All Nationalists apart from the remaining BNP can see what hypocrisy and opportunism the current development is.

        I doubt if the GD leader wasn’t in prison he’d be very impressed with Nick Griffin’s statements saying the holohoax happened and his saying “Jews welcolm Nazi cranks not wanted”

  6. Please stay away from Nick Griffin, he can only harm your cause, I speak as a ex member of the BNP.
    The man is a shameless opportunist who has just been declared bankrupt, he wants money.

    • I can assure everyone here that Golden Dawn makes their own decisions. They will never allow someone from the outside to undermine them. And another thing, I hope Griffin knows that Golden Dawn will never accept jews so for everyone who is a Nationalist posting here can be assured by that fact. And for those who didnt know, Griffin did say already that he didn’t agree with everything Golden Dawn stands for

  7. This is from Nick Griffin’s Twitter which he tweeted on the 29th January 2013.
    “N.B. To criticise Zionist warmongers is not to criticise Jews. The BNP has, and welcomes, Jewish members. Nazi cranks not wanted.”
    Direct link to his tweet https://twitter.com/nickgriffinmep/status/296257605796507648
    Screen-shot of the tweet http://imgur.com/Q8jFEG6

    You might also need to read this from the British Resistance website.

  8. Nuff said. “This is from Nick Griffin’s Twitter which he tweeted on the 29th January 2013.
    “N.B. To criticise Zionist warmongers is not to criticise Jews. The BNP has, and welcomes, Jewish members. Nazi cranks not wanted.”

  9. Here is 2nd page of letter from Golden Dawn leader – thanking British Nationalists for their support in November 2013. No BNP officials came to demo. I ask BNP leader to come to first demo in January 2013 when I was local BNP organiser. Answer was ” Why do you want to get involved with them for ? “They are too violent”. Nick Griffin should have a personal thank you letter like this?

    Nov 2013 demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT4HCvLkCdY

    • Paul, in 2009 I had the misfortune to meet someone who no nationalist should ever trust. An arrogant and rude man, Simon Darby, he informed me that my website (which was really tame back then) was too extreme.

      He and Griffin forced the closure of many BNP supporting blogs at group levels.

      If him and Griffin are not paid by the state they deserve to be for the damage they have done to the white race and nationalism.

      • Yes I remember they asked you to remove the 14 words. Maybe their will be a sudden change and the BNP will start promoting the 14 words and showing the Celtic Cross proudly (like GD).

        It will all look very fake and hypocritical though after purging National Socialists out of the party.

        I feel sorry for BNP activists (there are some good ones) – how confusing when a party changes it’s position so often.


        noun: opportunist; plural noun: opportunists

        a person who takes advantage of opportunities as and when they arise, regardless of planning or principle.

        adjective: opportunist

        “the calculating and opportunist politician”

    • That’s a lie, i attended both the nationalist demos in Britain supporting Golden Dawn’s political persecution. The first one i stood with Polish nationalists outside the Greek Embassy.

      • OK sorry a deputy London Organiser attended. You can’t really saw you was representing the BNP though can you. No BNP signs there, no top officials, no mention of the demo on the BNP website or NG’s twitter.

  10. Unfortunately a few Nationalist groups in Britain have been compromised by agencies, agents of the Zionist Troika who control the EU..Be wary of who you ally with, wolves in sheeps clothing and are they working for the nationalist agenda, their own or agenda or a third party who seek to destroy Golden Dawn.

    • The problem with UK nationalists, is essentially the burden of their own national history. You people have to eventually see and appreciate Russians, Greeks and Serbians share a very different historical experience and experiences of national community in general, than western Europeans do. I certainly anticipated a barrage of comments riling at Nick Griffin, and you lot do yourself no favours at all by being so predictable! You make your own country look stupid, but to be fair it is a real mess. As a Serbian I still am bitter against the state of the UK for bringing my nation so much suffering in the last century, but the Greeks would also know about the same as us with their own national sufferings at the hands of UK plutocrats. However, you are in no position to tell Golden Dawn with whom they can or cannot make joint press conferences with. The fact of the matter is Griffin is still an MEP therefore he has a voice which he is willing to use to put forward questions on behalf of Golden Dawn, with regards to the plight of Greece at the hands of the Brussels dictatorship. It is common sense. But do you know what the real problem with you Brits is? Your near complete lack of your old Christian religious consciousness. Did any of you know, for example, the overwhelming majority of Greek people are in fact – Orthodox Christians? That they still, like Orthodox Serbians and Russians, have this Christianity officially ingrained in their national identities and consciousness? Do any of you even know what Orthodox Christianity is?
      You all need to sit down again around a table, keep calm and stop squabbling like little children!!

      • We understand your bitterness at the actions of our then government with the bombing of your nation Miladin., Those who sanctioned the actions, Tony Blair etc, are war criminals who should stand trial for their crimes. Saying sorry is not enough but sadly that is all the likes of me can offer. I pray that one day the decent Serbian people will receive real justice for the crimes perpetrated against you.

  11. And for all those who weren’t paying attention, when Griffin said the Greeks fought against fascist and Nazi occupation , the Greek interpretation was that we fought against “Italian and German” occupation. One who reads between the lines can see how Golden Dawn and Griffin do not agree on ideology. And again, Griffin was clear on that he didn’t agree with everything Golden Dawn stands for.

    • Why is it taboo to acknowledge Germany was dominated by Nazis at the time, though? Weren’t they indeed fundamental impostors and criminals? Isn’t there by now enough reason to acknowledge Naziism as an ultimate product of the core (old) Occidental degenerative mindset, a millenarian one, in a process spanning the last few centuries? Whose, or rather, which kind of capital, financed their rise to power anyway? We who still have deep roots in the ancient Byzantine tradition, of clear concepts of God and man, never had anything to benefit from this inherently fraudulent ideology, born out of the undoings of centuries worth of heresies in western civillisation. I don’t particularly see why it ought to be an issue of importance for XA and the rebirth of Hellenism anyway, for even in practical terms any pagan or neo-pagan philosophy/ideology is unimplementable. Keeping it native and within the sphere of development of the [Eastern] Orthodox world, I believe is the clear way forward. Funnily enough Nick Griffin himself has openly declared Russia a beacon of salvation for Europe and even the white race, so in my opinion at least, he is maintaining momentum with the times.

      • The Nazis sided with Islam, a foolish and suicidal mistake, agreed a White Christian revival is needed!

  12. “And again, Griffin was clear on that he didn’t agree with everything Golden Dawn stands for.” That in no way can justify accepting the support of a political organisation that has Jews among it’s ranks. The very same tribe that has sworn to destroy Golden Dawn and are in fact responsible for the murder of two of it’s members.

    • well, will these jews now remain in his ranks since he came out in support of a party that is anti-jewish? anti-Zionist?
      and then I don’t understand that if he has jews in his party why would he come out and call them “Zionist gangsters” in the European parliament?
      I think a bigger concern at the moment is why LePens Front National came out officially against the Golden Dawn? That is straight out betrayal especially when her father in the past had good relations with them. She if anyone, has toned down her party into a more Kosher conservative party to get a better acceptance from these matzo balls. I can guarantee you that Golden dawn will NEVER tone down when it comes to this. The party colors will always be Red Black and White!

  13. NOOOOO!!!! not Nick Griffin.
    Golden Dawn you are an inspiration to all true nationalists, you seem to be cracking the mould of the status quo, and we are looking to you . All that you have achieved so far is on the backs of your own people, more courageous than ours .
    Keep it tight, don’t allow room for outsiders to fester in your organisation.
    I do follow Western Spring and they seem true to the cause but I am sure you can accomplish your goals through your own people and hopefully help guide ours in the future.

    • trust me Golden dawn doesn’t allow any outsiders to control them. I cannot speak for the parties In the UK but for here I can. jews and Zionists will never be welcomed by the people’s party.

  14. God dammit! I love you Golden Dawn ! please stay away from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will destroy yourself if you associate with him, you are hearing the pleads of nationalists globally telling you this is an unwise move! please GD new york contact Golden Dawn and let them know his not to be trusted.

    • dontmakemistakes, could you please tell me who you are? and then explain why?

      at the moment the one thing we know is that he came out in the European parliament and called the jews “Zionist gangsters”
      and like I said before the bigger problem at the moment is that LePen came out officially against the Golden Dawn (a traitorous act in my eyes- and totally ruining her fathers legacy in the party) just to appeal to those matzo balls.

  15. The problem with all these armchair Nationalists on here is they are not politicians when your cornered like GD you need to be pragmatic to keep your army intact. The BNP were in the same position with the EHRC.

    • The main one is Paul morris of the green arrow or the green retard as he is known I’m only speaking about the british commenters who i know.They do nothing but damage to the BNP and griffin every day. BNP is our only hope in the UK we don’t have another 30 years to build another party it will be too late for the indigenous british. These idiots undermine the work of activists that are on the streets
      meanwhile they do nothing at all except start small parties to split the vote.
      If you ever get them in one place within 20 minutes they are arguing.

      Im glad that i stayed with the BNP Griffin has energy and is hungry for the fight where as these rejects that do us down are lost in the political wildness ,bitter ,twisted and defeated.

      • Well Peter, tell you what I will do. I will dig out all the information I have on Nick Griffin and if you and he have the courage, we will open up our Paltalk Room and invite the world in and we will go through every bit of information I have.

        If I am lying then you or Griffin will have an opportunity to refute it point by point and I will be on record and recorded in a public room that if incorrect could be classed as libel.

        Now put up or shut up.

        In fact I am going to dig the information out, sort it and publish it again. Nick will thank you for that I am sure.

        But you are not really what you profess to be are you, as one visit to your site will show to anyone who knows exactly how you operate.

  16. I’m not too worried about Nick Griffin single handily destroying the unbreakable Golden Dawn with the warriors they have leading the way! As a Greek American National Socialist and proud supporter and follower of GD, I thank and appreciate all the fellow nationalist brothers warnings and concerns!

    I’m sure Kasidiaris and GD know exactly what they’re doing! I think they’re using the Zionist EU courts against them here to expose and make a mockery of them if the almighty and just EU courts don’t set them free considering they are being held over some books found at their homes and their political ideals they stand for! It’s a joke! They have no case, and everyone knows it!

    If they don’t rule in GDs favor they’re forced to take their mask off and show their true face to the world!

    If we all stand together, spread our truths and facts, a million Nick Griffins can’t stop us if he is what some say he is!

  17. xaameriki, I hope you have your answer. Where there’s smoke there’s always a fire. Basically keep the units tight. As people above claimed GD wouldn’t allow jews, we not worried about them, we worried about the shabbas goy, the sellouts. Come on man look at a few of your older post, with the Greek Dendias wearing a yid lid. We can’t see the trojan horse till its too late. This is the jews MO. They have infiltrated EVERY organisation or party ever in the world. You need to understand that. In no way am I making an attack on my hero’s the GD. I want to see this through till the end. But we need to be aware. You think the brave Heros killed outside GD offices were killed by jews, meaning an actual jew pulled the trigger? No they get a compromised Greek to do it. Like how they releasing the killers from jail. They are going into overdrive. A simple thing eg. If they do get a leaders private cellphone number via say nick, they have tracking mechanisms now for that particular leader. One need to see how they operate with the palestinians, and how effective they are in removing their ‘leaders’.

    I am proud of GD. But GD are a thorn in their side. Don’t expect them to be happy. And for the other few who think we are armchair nationalist, bet you are a well paid mossad agents. Maybe a shabbas goy, a sayanim, or internet warrior.

  18. I was a deacdes’-long personal friend of the man – a real National Socialist – Nick Griffin usurped and betrayed to capture the leadership of the BNP. I have little time for many of those posting against Griffin on here because I hold them, as one time Griffin loyalists, as not much less culpable in the destruction of the British Nationalist movement, but they are right, absolutely right, about Griffin.

    The man simply can not be trusted, not in any way shape or form.

    What you probably aren’t aware of is that Griffin, facing the end of his political “career”, is writing his memoirs and looking for “experiences”. GD should never imagine that it is anything more than a useful tool in helping Griffin, one way or another, to enhance his personal finances. That is the man’s entire history, his primary motivation.

    Both you and GD would be well advised to steer clear of this shameless trickster. He walks the walk, he talks the talk but the end results are always the same – Griffin gets richer, the movement fragments.

    Don’t be too impressed with his MEP status. An MEP has less personal power than a town councillor. Griffin (to his own surprise) won his seat on a derirsory vote in a low turnout election in elections most Britons see as irrelevant if not pointless at the time of a huge political scandal and an immigration crisis. He should have done much better than the 6% he scraped. The British have never taken these Euro elections seriously, and so, if you want to make a protest vote that won’t affect you in any way at all, the Euro elections are when you make it. What Griffin’s election did – for the blind – was to shore up his support within the BNP at a time when the number of those asking searching questions of Griffin was growing. This enabled him to renege – an action as prompt as it was predictable – on the “tithing” arrangement agreed by every BNP candidate that they would pay a substantial proportion of their salaries to the BNP. Griffin claimed he was legally constrained from using his salary in this way – something this allegedly legally trained individual had failed to spot until the day of his election. A lie, of course.

    This is just a part of the measure of the man GD are dealing with. He has destroyed the domestic national movement. Don’t give him the opportunity to operate on a global scale.

  19. Good for Nick Griffin, Nationalism is gearing up in Europe, we have to get out of the damned EU and start ruling ourselves again, the EU via the UN will never allow this. Marine le Penn will be the first Nationalist government and then who knows who could be next. Well done to the British National Party for making a stand.

    • Hold fast INB. Golden Dawn are not fools and know what they are doing. It is true in this case, that they really do not understand how duplictious Nick Griffin is – remember how I defended him until even I could deny the truth about him any longer?

      If you quit on GD, you are doing exactly what the zionists want you to do and why Nick Griffin is making these overtures to GD and in your case he almost suceeded.

      Golden Dawn have enough problems in Greece and are not to know just how reviled this man is and how the media here are now using him to attack Golden Dawn.

      Stand firm with GD

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