12 comments on “Breaking News: Giorgos Germenis and Panos Iliopoulos now being held by Police.

  1. This is becoming a charade of jokes . They are taking away one by one the leadership. Next they will come for Kadisdiaris, and then for the others until they decapitate the leadership. Our leadership is allowing itself to be removed like lambs from the flock. We must become more militant. If this continues we may not have a movement. There is no sanctity of the constituiton, nor the rule of law any more. We are under an occupation government. The government of occupation will not go away through the ballot box. They will rig the elections. A movement without an active leadership can not function effectively.

  2. Please, for your English readers, describe how you and the LA.OS [Λαϊκός Ορθόδοξος Συναγερμός,] party, agree and differ. Thanks.

    -Fr. John+

    • I think the following article below, detailing a live debate between Laos veteran Plevris and GD’s Ilias Kaisdiaris, best sums up the differences between the two nationalist political organisations. As a Serbian Orthodox Christian I am ideologically more inclined towards Laos, however Golden Dawn has emerged as the biggest movement so far, with many successes achieved especially that of garnering support from the Greek population at large, via nationwide humanitarian action. However, at the root of the struggle is the common battle for the freedom and salvation of Greece, where ideological differences are not really that prominent or important as before.

      By the way Father John, what denomination are you?


      • I am a Western Rite Orthodox Priest. A complete oddity to Greeks, of course. But there you are. And, as an Anglo, who at least understands SOME of what the Greek people are going through at the hands of the Papist/Post-Protestant Talmuddied West, I am trying to learn more. As they say, if you aren’t Greek, ‘It’s all Greek to me!” LOL

  3. What can actually “democracy” for Samaras and Venizelos mean, probably nothing …
    Imprison innocent people to jail is a crime against humanity.
    Only because of their ideology and high opinion surveys?

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