15 comments on “Nick Griffin Vs Samaras in EU Parliament Circus. Samaras talks “Extremism”

  1. To our Greek brothers and sisters take a good hard look at that vidio and tell me what you see, is it one of a lion confronting a jackel ! Samaras, the pimp who is selling your country out to the banksters and taking away your childrens future, the sneeking fraudster who is living the high life while the Greek people are living in poverty….Like our Nick, leader of the British National Party, you to have a Great leader, a man who is a danger to the likes of this controlled traitor and coward!!!

  2. A parody of EU pimps, sold out degenerate white European whores of the global Zionism, gathering all together to speak for the problems and future ( what future?) of the slut EU dictatorship. Riightt..
    And now Samaras, trying to talk and to describe to us what “the Golden Dawn phenomenon” is..watch carefully how he always refers to Golden Dawn itself and to more than a million of Greeks supporting Golden Dawn as a “phenomenon”, like AS IF Golden Dawn is Not a political party, and also a democratically elected POLITICAL PARTY the Jews shit their pants on when they hear, it’s a “phenomenon”.
    You expect to listen from this “man” to any kind of lying ,of course, serious rational debate for what good he brought to Greece with all his tactics or why soo many Greeks and white Europeans seek salvation and honor to Golden Dawn from the filth, decay, disease, shame, danger of extinction and death he brought us to?
    This man, as his buddy and ex ROOMMATE when they were students in the States, Jeffrey Papandreou, former leader of Greece and PM of socialist Greek party Pasok, should be hung and then burnt alive in front of all Greeks, then all of the EU Jew sluts leaders should be hung in every European country they were given the power to govern, then the whole white western world, including the States Together& united should finish the so called “International Jewry” right from its roots wherever they are hiding, once and for ALL! otherwise the traitors and the drama of the decay of the white people will Never stop.
    Whatever you say you little puppy, you ultra Idiot shameful puppet Samara, whatever methods You and all of your EU homosexual dishonorable traitors try to use, you will NEVER be able to jail and destroy nationalism!!! Greeks and the white race will never be done and,defeated! Keep fucking around, the harder you obey your Zionist Jewish masters, the HARDER we go! You can’t stop what’s coming, as you can’t stop the sun rising every day!
    And it’s coming your way!! You will all sooner or later bitterly pay for all of your evil and your shameful sins.
    As we say in Greece ” ΤΟ ΑΙΜΑ ΚΥΛΑΕΙ, ΕΚΔΙΚΗΣΗ ΖΗΤΆΕΙ”
    In English “Blood is circulating, it is asking for Revenge”
    Heil Golden Dawn

  3. Did anyone expect otherwise?? Samaras is stooge for Jewish pimps & whores just like his APE buddy Barack Obama. Hail Golden Dawn, Hail Victory

  4. The Traitor Samaras has been getting out for the “Puppet” Dictator that he is!
    Watch Nigel Farage blast him in the EU parliament yesterday…although I dont like how he called Golden Dawn a Neo Nazi party!

    • What MK said.

      EDL came about just as BNP was getting strong, and they deliberately used the anti-islamist platform whilst at the same time stressing “ANTI-RACISM”, to take away working class supporters from the BNP. Whilst Ukip is meant to take with it the middle/professional class support. That’s why nationalists always remain divided in the UK, and “racism” has been for long the most effective tool used for achieving that! Pure and simple.

    • Xristos Farrage is trying to ally with the other “supposedly right wing and conservative” another puppet Kammenos, leader of the “Independent Greeks”.
      As I am suspecting Farrage for the UK, just like Panos Kammenos for Greece, are not even kosher nationalists, they are this “euro-skeptic” fake hilarious conservative supposedly-nationalistic political side that tries to take the votes from English people and the Greeks who are disgusted with the austerity measures, the EU dictating them what to do within their soil and Troika. Do NOT get fooled and mistaken, Farrage and Kammenos are not even what the fake far right Le Pen represents for France, they are trying to get the votes from people that turn more to extreme far right and the true nationalist parties, did you see how Farrage was warning the European leaders 3 whole years ago from London about the neonazi and nationalistic threat that is going to arise in Europe? Warning the EU leaders to change their tactics otherwise many Europeans would become nationalists and fascists?
      He would condemn all kinds of nationalist parties in Europe and he constantly speaks about the “real democracy” and other crap like that.
      Don’t trust those sneaky nice-speaking bastards! They are meant to be there to keep European people out of the real solution for their misery and the Satanic slutty EU junta and the real eneny as well.
      He’s like what someone would call the “controlled opposition” for the upset euro-sceptic British and other Europeans, ask Farrage what he thinks about Jews or global Zionism apart listening to him bickering and talking big for the lack of “true democracy” in Europe and Troika and you would immediately get an idea of what is the role he’s been given to play.
      This is why he called Golden Dawn neonazis.
      We are living in very sneaky and deceitful times, so we have to keep eyes and ears wide open and remain suspicious of those lying bastards, rather than getting excited with anyone speaking a part of truth and having the gut to attack Samaras, saying the already-known already.

      • I’m sure you’re right and I can see that being the case cause I’ve heard many of his speeches and he never says Jews, he just calls the communists, but I do think GD can still use it against Samaras in Greece! They’ll just see a well spoken British politician saying the same things as GD in the EU parliament! It’s good propaganda material!

  5. F Farrage is a blockbuster of a joke. Just like his clone the Obese fatso Kamenos, a lot of gas, but no substance. These critters are mediocre meats for the zionist propaganda machine. Kamenos is a mason, so it is Farrage and Farrage is pro immigration and fiercely pro israeli.

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