20 comments on “Controlled Opposition: Examining the “Eurosceptic” Role Against Nationalism

  1. Could someone say that Berlusconi from Italy is what Nigel Farage and Panos Kammenos are for the UK and Greece? Becsuse Berlusconi can not be called a real nationalist for the Italians, not even close to annationalist. But he plays that role of the “conservative right wing independent Italy” thing, and Italy for the Italians

  2. I think, if I am not wrong, that it should be also mentioned as a coming soon reality that there’s something new coming ahead with the established political parties of the various countries in Europe this year, this particular year, something that at some point with the drastic fast union of EU countries -“states” someone could expect to come, since the globalization of Europe is the main achievement global Zionism is in a very very big part interested on, uniting laws, authorities and installing common political agendas in Europe.
    As it seems to be going, the various socialistic parties of the European countries will try to ally with each other, forming a big European socialistic political ideological movement and party, for example the socialistic party of Greek Pasok will make allies with the German and French socialistic party and present itself at the EU parliament as the “European socialistic party”,
    conservative national right wing parties like Panos Kammenos for Greece and Nigel Farage for the UK will ally and unite their agenda in Europe too,
    same will happen for the “democratic” left wing supposedly opposition parties like Syriza in Greece with other European left wing popular parties.

    As the globalization and tight dictating union of Europe is fast growing, it is a matter of time before the various political established sides in Europe unite and show up at the EU conferences and the parliament together, as one, meant to be one and all of them trying to win the elections to take the power and transform Europe the “other way”.

    All of those socialist, right wong, left wing, national democratic right wing and communist parties in Europe are ALL marionettes and puppets, very good actors and actresses, all meant to play good the role they have been given from the global Zionist gang, in the theater of the fast growing union and decay of the European countries.

    Nationalism and true “extreme” firm and clear nationalist ideological parties that do not compromise and soften their position for no Zionist-paid serving pimp or for the means of being liked and accepted more from the average brainwashed democratic white are for our well being and the future of the whire race and the once free and homogeneous European nations the Only truthful and honest people, the Only solution.

  3. In the UK we have had “Punch & Judy” politics for years and the EU is the exact same a huge expensive Punch & Judy show. It is all theatre you are right, they are all in it together and everyone else is just surviving not even in alot of cases.They are all the same side of the same Shekel!!

  4. The situation described,having one political party pretending to be two, is parallel to what exist in the US.The two pretending to be one, are in both instances the very lowest form of life.They work for those who censor, and who love the political power brought by allowing people who will not work for a living, to vote.

    The difference between this low-life and Golden Dawn is best seen in the characteristics of both as soldiers.Low life cannot comprehend anything worth dying for. Those with a love for truth are the opposite.In war a lover of truth counts as equal to at least ten low lifes.

    • Very good insight to the difference between the low life’s a fighter who fights for honor, for morals , for any pure, beautiful and decent and simply, the truth.
      If I am getting correctly what you mean with the words ” low life” though, reading what you wrote, i’m not sure this applies to all cases.
      “low life cannot comprehend anything worth dying for”.

      For example Al Qaida supposedly ” freedom fighters” and the Syrian people who fight for their nation, their children’s right to live liberated from the global evil Zionism operating from the West and particularly the States and for their own leader, Assad, who obviously denied to sell his country out and give away what the Jews and Israel wanted, thus the latter decided to remove him.
      We know Al Qaida and other low life Islamic beasts with the face of a human, coming from Qatar, the Arabian Emirates and other middle east places are controlled and are fully supported-funded from the Jew Americans and the American government all together. They also get instructions on what to do from Nato itself, the American government,CIA and the whole well serving Jewish gang.
      Al Qaida from the past, as well as other armed Muslim terrorists were always attacking, killing, raping, destroying, bombing, taking hostages in the name supposedly again of Allah , claiming that it was Allah’s will to attack the unfaithful and shameful west and the evil Americans.
      Oh no, well CIA and the powerful American Zionist lobby pushed and funded the violent Islam and gave birth to the “terrorists-human weapons” and that is clearly shown I think to the case of Syria.

      Those Al Qaida freedom fighters (Zion fighters in reality) are killing and literally murdering blindly, caring the least if they are gonna be able to wake up and see the sun the next day, believing they give their lives away for Allah and therefore murdering without any consciousness, since if they die upon the sacred battle Allah will take them to paradise where they will have as many women as they like(the ultimate,dream for every Muslim man).
      Human life means nothing to these creatures..
      And they are the worse case of low life, them and the parasite evil deceitful and violently sneaky race, the Jews.
      Those terrorists and freedom fighters have it for nothing to give their life away, so I’m not sure if that applies here.

      • I could not get your meaning, just as you did not get mine.Let me restate.Low-lifes are the enemy of truth.They come in two types A] those that knowingly care about nothing but themselves and B] those that are either brainwashed, or lacking in intelligence.

        Examples of low life
        -those who do not place ultimate importance on society honoring the family unit [as defined in it’s most traditional sense]
        -those that will sell anything for enough money
        -those that will not work to support a just government
        -those that believe all types of people should live in every nation, with equal protection
        -those that oppose the death penalty in a just society, liberally applied
        -those that think a just society cannot define sexual deviancy
        -those who do not recognize that the role of women is in no way similar to that of men
        -those that do not recognize that there are exceptions to every rule
        -those that do not recognize that the exceptions are very few

    • oh i thought by low life’s you simply meant those who cannot comprehend there is nothing spiritually superior or any high honor in the world worth of dying and also those who will just go sold out and do anything for money, only thinking and caring of their own well being and individual, individualists in other words.
      I understand what you meant now, i find this a good description of how our society should be.
      Thank you for clarifying.

      • I just considered something you should know. EVERYTHING we are saying is known by the enemy.Never say anything on the computer.There is no doubt in my mind, this means of communication will be shut down much sooner than you think.

  5. This is very much the role of the Republican Party in the US, to have a pretend opposition so people can relieve their anger without any actual change being threatened.

    As far as the “professional wrestling” aspect- the industry calls it “kayfabe”. All democratic politics in the West is kayfabe.

  6. You’re right on the mark, Giorgios. Anyone who knows UK politics knows real nationalism gets dealt with by the regime at the very outset. That’s why Nick Griffin evidently made the wrong choice by attending Question Time on live television, in 2008. Much of the nation can’t handle the burden that comes with an ethnicity-only party, which is why people are find the anti-islamist/Muslim immigration and anti-EU routes to be easier and more “realistic” in achieving the common end goal.
    People have to realise the process of reshaping the mindset of British as well as all other north European countries, in conjunction with sustained inward migration over 4 decades, from outside Europe, has inevitably caused a grave stasis. The only way this could have been averted in the past, was for an economic crisis of the exact nature Greece is going through now, sufficient enough to galvanise the necessary ethnic solidarity of the nation at large. However the powers that be, especially in gigantic USA, always had the financial tools necessary to smooth out the long term melting pot process over a gradual period.
    As long as people were mainly fine financially, the governments could get away with anything. This is why the current situation in Greece is somewhat a blessing, because she doesn’t have the financial tools to smooth over sustained mass immigration, but at the same time we shouldn’t underestimate Balkan ethnocentrism and distinctive culture and heritage which keeps our roots strong. This is something I find is especially lacking in the Anglophone world, which in conjunction with legacy of empire has produced a real tight knot of a situation in our time today.
    In short the Anglophone world has for the most part, replaced God with money. This is the root of the whole problem.

  7. In Greece, the controlled (LAOS, Kamenos) opposition had absolutely no success …. but why?
    Is very simple, they are nothing more than big liars and pseudo-patriots where have been Invented by the corrupt system ….
    People are not as stupid as they think.
    Unfortunately, Nigel Farage is a product of this rotten system …

  8. George, you missed your calling we want you to be POTUS paisan Hail Golden Dawn bringing light to a darkened world OPA!!!! (Sorry, I could,nt resist doing that)

    • I concur. George does an excellent job in his analysis and commentary here and in the podcasts. He’s very knowledgeable and communicates it well. Same goes for Ed. They’re doing a brilliant job in advocating and fighting for the Hellenic folk as well as all European peoples with a racial Nationalist mindset and worldview.

      Keep up the great work!!

  9. If a man is accused of lying who did not,he does not like it.
    If a man is accused of lying who is in the business of lying,he is ENRAGED.
    The “establishment” is enraged.
    The “establishment” is the ORGANIZED BUSINESS / MEDIA / BLACK BLOCK VOTE alliance.

  10. Farage regularly uses the specter of neo-nazis as a kind of foil because,I guess, these zionists are paranoid about neo-nazis ans neo-nazis only. Basically, it’s “dissolve the EU or the neo-nazis will be coming for you”. Zionists are insane,they won’t stop until they are stopped. Not even telling them what will happen, what they know will happen because they’ve caused it to happen hundreds of times before,will stop them. Only a true national movement of the people can forcibly eject them.

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