4 comments on “Breaking News: Illegal Cell Search of Golden Dawners in Korydallos Prison

  1. Golden Dawn needs to be care because this man is a psychopath they should of killed that leftist scum before and this problem wouldn’t of occured

  2. It wont be long now fellow Patriots, your time is coming. Its beyond belief what these controlled traitors are doing and getting away with, but then its happening all over Europe… The Golden Dawn will happen, stay strong, your time is coming and the people need you more than ever… My families love to you all … From a British Patriot…..

  3. Greece’s constitution has been raped, violated, dismembered, not a trace of democracy exists in Greece nor Europe.Zionist Jew mobsters, and murders have taken over. One should ask himself way so much hype about Golden Dawn????? Down deep inside even the lefties know the truth…. If people of Europe don’t wake up, this beautiful continent with its rich cultures will disappear, its going to be another extrimist Muslim nation, with help of the Zionist Jews of course…..

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