3 comments on “Tsipras: If Syriza gets in the Government, it will stay with the Memorandum.

  1. Meanwhile, and by direct contrast, the Ukrainian prime minister has bizarrely just made a decision to allocate key government posts to the prime instigators of blatant rioting in Kiev (Vitaly Klitshcko being one of them), which has just led to the loss of 2 lives of ordinary citizens, within the past 2 days. What the PM was really meant to do, was to arrest Klitschko and the other 2 instigators and crack down hard on the rioters. So there we have 2 contrasting examples of betrayal of the national interest to western usurers, common to today’s ongoing generation of fundamentally self serving, wealth seeking politicians: One, by surrender. The other, by inaction. And the end result on either side is collusion, perhaps without end.

  2. I am doing my best everyday to help the world see the Golden Dawn as an escape from the no voice position they hold now in those countries controlled by the political alliance I call the establishment [business / media / Blacks$ immigrants that block vote]. It is my hope that all who are hated by the alliance will unite. If we are to have a chance to do so, before the coming financial collapse, we must act soon. It is my belief that a world financial collapse is coming soon.

    The Interpal website [ international email pen pal service ] is where I am working. I am studying Middle Eastern people and let them know of my agreement with the ME stance against the alliance. It is my assumption that you know the people who orchestrated the position the best people in Greece [the average Greeks ] occupy now, also did the same in the US.

    I need to know if you are opposed to the idea of uniting with the ME. If so, tell me why. I am as yourself. Logic is necessary to drive me. If you are not in favor of this, and your reasoning is good, you are correct. I love truth as I know you do.

    Look at my profile on interpals.Thank you for your efforts. We need another method of communication.

    On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 12:51 PM, “xaameriki – xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news

  3. Honestly what fool would trust that creep with the glasses, he looks just like what he is, a despicable bought and paid for traitor….!

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