7 comments on “Greek Minister Of Public Order Dendias Recites Passages From Racist Jewish Book- VIDEO

  1. This is Golden Dawn NYC’s best post yet. Keep leading the way for the european race, comrades, your torch has been the beacon since the dawn of our existence. Your example emboldens and liberates europeans everywhere.

    That light shines brighter and brighter. Now even the jews are trying to run away from the racist imperialism that is Judaism, playing semantic games with us lowly gentiles to try to camouflage the truth about their supremacist nationalist cult:

    Hail Golden Dawn, Hail Victory

  2. Always on your A-game here, another reason to like Golden Dawn and support the cause, the Jew is a race disguised as religion, Golden Dawn is the first group in Europe to actually be making serious headway for like minded others to follow not only in Greece, but here as well, I salute Golden Dawn Hail golden Dawn, bringing light to those who have lost their way

  3. This Dendias, looks like a circumsized head, is a crypto hebrew. Dendias is not a Greek. Such a repulsive abortion of a creature can not be a Greek. What a tragedy.

  4. I love how you guys always show the pic of him wearing the yarmulke. He looks like such a fucking retard, 🙂

  5. His and all the rest of the Zionist puppets days are numbered and coming to an end! Soon enough there will be REAL GREEKS at the highest of levels who actualy care and love Greece and the Greek people!

  6. Xristos. i say thank God to that. Exciting times Patriot and you know what, i and my family just love it….! Rise you beautiful Greek people and throw off those zionist shackles, the rest of Nationalist Europe are with you and following you very very closely….One of my daughters is sending this X

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