11 comments on “Livestream Now: Imia 2014 Demonstration

      • When I read the other side’s articles, it just encourages me that they’re so scared and reduce themselves to calling nationalists silly names. Mostly I just grabbed the article quickly to share it with others who may have no idea what this gathering is about.

  1. Why doesn’t Golden Dawn have an associate membership for nationalists who are not Greek but support you our valiant comrades. It would bring in thousands of £/$ and with the internet shouldn’t be too hard to organize.
    Hail golden Dawn!

    • We do not have an “associate membership” per se, but many people already support us by sending food or giftcards to assist our efforts. We do not accept cash for legal reasons. See the donations section for more info. Our membership itself is much more selective, being simply Greek alone is not enough. Part of the reason Golden Dawn has become so successful is because of the disciplined and structured nature of our party.

      • The closer you are to ancient Greeks, the better your chances are of returning to the long-lost splendor of Homer’s time.

  2. These Christ Deniers DARE to call us or anyone that knows the Truth about the BIG LIE of the holocaust, Deniers. Thats all anyone needs to know who theyre dealing with when dealing with Jews/Zionist…They denied our Lord then, and still do! They Killed him then and they would again today if they could! Long Live Golden Dawn, were not coming, were already HERE!

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