11 comments on “Turkish “Anarchists” Attempt To Terrorize and Bully The Greek People….and Fail Yet Again

    • I’m no expert but I don’t see them starting an offensive war against turkey, but they won’t hesitate to defend Greece against any and all enemies who violate her sovereignty, airspace or her waters! Turkey violates Greece’s airspace and hers waters constintly, that will all end once one is shot down or sunk!

      • It was a serious question, My friend was saying that Golden Dawn coming into power would be a bad thing (Which I completely disagree on) because they would probably start a War with Turkey, which wouldn’t be a good thing anytime soon

      • I guess your friend has a better idea, like perhaps keeping New Democracy or Syriza ruling the country and continuing to destroy it. It’s funny how some people are afraid of their country risk being destroyed in a war, but have absolutely no concern if it gets destroyed for certain in a calculated, gradual process like we have now.

    • Who thinks Samaras and the zionists will actually allow Golden Dawn to assume their rightful place as the leaders of the Greek nation? I can’t see them watching this passively, and instead suspect that they’ll foment some kind of war instead, maybe through tactics like the ones discussed in the most recent thread where terrorists were allowed to scare off people. Who knows…next month or two it won’t be just a threat they’ll enable…I’m just an observer but think that war will happen before the zionists cede control to even one of the nationalist parties in Europe. Because once one arises, others will follow. They simply cannot allow that to happen.

      Prayers for Golden Dawn and the true european people.

  1. I see a bright future for Greece with Golden Dawn in power, let,s hope Europe & U.S will follow in the footsteps of Golden Dawn, HAIL GOLDEN DAWN, bringing light to a darkened world

  2. These fuckers are probably masquerading as Greek nationals, with forged Greek names, baptismal certificates and genealogical identification.
    “A sleeper agent is a spy who is placed in a target country or organization, not to undertake an immediate mission, but rather to act as a potential asset if activated.”
    Ex Turk PM: Turkish agents caused Greece arson attacks
    Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/316788#ixzz2sDov1Se7

  3. Turkish scum! Once Golden Dawn gets into power, Turkey will be trembling and asking the West i.e. primarily the U.S. for help with “Greek extremists.” It just goes to show that Turkey is filled with third world cowards and savages. It is the right of the Greek people and indeed all people to defend their nation from enemies foreign and domestic. Hail Golden Dawn!

  4. This garbage only occurs in Greece….. Turks the cockroaches in human form will pay the price , along with their brothers the Jews… Greed is blinding , which leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to destruction….. Nothing lasts for ever ….I pity the fools…

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