4 comments on “New Photo Widely Circulated To Defame Golden Dawn Is A Fraud

  1. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Boy those Hebes really know how to paint a turd gold don’t they? Defamation of European Christians is by far the Hebes’ favorite past time. Even if the dude was holding a real gun, so what?

    Get a life kikes!

  2. Airsoft rifles generally do not shoot paintballs, but plastic 6 mm bullets. While you need to have eye-protection (goggles) while using these weapons they are generally harmless as they very seldom even have the power to break somebodys bare skin even from only a few meters away. As a nationalist and avid airsoft-player I know all to well how the media can use such pictures to try to attack nationalist organisations – its a very common tactic to use slander to try to make the public swing in one direction.
    Stand tall and do not let their attempts suceed. You have the truth on your side, which will make the victory all the sweeter.

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