4 comments on “Golden Dawn New York circulates in Greek Media Once Again.

  1. The Golden Dawn is composed of moral people.Moral people must unite to stop those that have no regard for their Maker.These are led by the US.

    The US hates morality with a passion.They hate those who refuse to worship money.The US is controlled by a political alliance. This alliance is best defined as
    1 upper class whites
    2 Blacks
    3 misfits[homos,transvestites,people who will not work,people with no culture,etc]

    These immoral groups block vote and thereby control elections.
    They also control the media through the money of upper class whites, and kickbacks brought through government contracts.


    or what is truth, justice, and morality has no chance.

    The US is very weak financially , opportunity awaits.

  2. I’m not aware of any American Jewish org that has denounced the restrictive immigration policy of Israel. As far as I can tell, they all support it.

  3. Sorry if I digress, but I find this interesting, even though I should be using the White-run Metapedia instead of Jewish-biased Wikipedia (owned by a jew):

    I can speak a couple of romance languages, and english, which have the same alphabet.

    These Greek Americans should be wondering why they didn’t get preferential treatment when they came to America. These days hispanic illegal aliens get to run to the front of the line in places like municipal court, because the court pays a translator. They even get to go before the lawyers, who usually go first because they’re being paid (which isn’t really fair to people who have to miss work and can’t afford one in the first place.).

    But anyway, this is just one minor accomodation. No one gave Greeks free food, housing, medical care and sinecures either. I don’t know why they anathematize Golden Dawn for defending Greek people’s most basic rights to their own earnings, or consider such a stance patriotic to America in any way.

    To make matters worse, I studied and practiced diligently to perfect my foreign language skills, so that a french person, for example, could have heard me as native french practically when I was in the groove, some years ago. These hispanic people come in and don’t even practice; at a job I had some would get mad when I’d be put in front to deal with the public because I SPEAK ENGLISH and then never bother even trying to speak it on their free time. They came to conquer, not to assimilate and build a country together (most hispanics that is).

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