7 comments on “People Gather In Lixouri to Jeer And Boo Dendias- Only Place He Was Welcome Was A Synagogue! 

  1. Not a lot to say about this”controlled” traitor only that he is one ugly person, if one can imagine a bad smell walking around in a suit it would describe him to a tee! One does wonder what your fellow Greeks were thinking of when they voted for him, he is repulsive…..!

    • The Greeks didn’t exactly vote for him, they voted for the party of Samaras, “New Democracy” to be the 1rst and dominant party and also for Samaras to be the prime minister of the country. Then Samaras on his own decided to announced he would make that monkey another Jew prostitute, Dendias, minister of public order.
      Citizens never decide by their votes who’s gonna be the minister of this or the other of the various ministries, citizens simoly vote for the ruling party and who they want to be the leader (prime minister)of that party, in this case they voted for Samara. Then the prime minister decides who he’s going to be in charge of the ministries.
      But the whole of the new democracy party (supposedly right wing) and Pasok and another 15 or so except Golden Dawn, are All placed there to serve the Jewish EU plans and the “big dream” of the global Jewry, that is radical multiculturalism and misery in the white countries

  2. The circumcized mule head is at it again. Dendias is a crypto jew. All he does it seems is make propaganda in defense of the ilegal afro-asian invasion of greece and pay visits to synagogues. Can’t we pack him in a bag and ship him to Tel Aviv? .There are more than enough synagogues there to keep him busy and link up with his roots.

    • Even if his blood is Greek, I say he is getting paid Highly to offer his cursed services to Israel and the Global Jewry, after he agreed to definitely sell his soul to the Devil, as Samaras and the majority of white European and American political slutty elite!

      But you know what?
      Even those non-Jews-who are the Best of the non Jews- once they are NOT needed anymore for the Jewish plans they should be slaughtered and killed! (since they are not Jews by blood).
      That’s what the Jews and their Rabbis believe.
      Specifically, on the Tora book it says:

      “Every non Jew should be murdered”
      “The assault and murder of a Non Jew by a Jew is very acceptable and can be considered as equal to a sacrifice to God”

      “It is acceptable for a man to marry a 3 yrs old girl and it is also acceptable for a man to have sex with children”

      “There is nothing wrong, neither is it important, for a man to have sex with a 3yrs old girl”

      “The mother of Jesus was a whore. She who was the daughter of Kings and governors went on to be a whore to villagers who were making furniture”

      “Anyone who does not obey the sacred book of Tora or questions and criticizes Tora, like the non Jews Christians and unfaithful, should be murdered with No mercy. The same goes for the Jews who will decide to not obey Tora”

      “If a non Jew tries to hurt a Jew then he/she should be murdered as soon as possible and with your own hands”

      “Jesus is burning into hot shit”

      “The Christian souls are dirty souls that can be called pigs”

      “If the occasion demands it it is acceptable to kill innocent children”

      The video unfortunately is mostly in Greek. But I hope it helps.


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