8 comments on “How Defense And Energy Cooperation With Israel Destroys Greek Sovereignty

  1. Great post, thanks a lot. I wished XA would be in power right now…
    However, what are the (geopolitical) reasons Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar seat with the Jews and not the Arabs?

    • Its because those 3 countries rulers are Jewish puppets, ya see th world is split up into 2 groups, the ones that are Jewish owned/bought/run, and the ones that arent, Like North Korea, Syria, Iran! Iraq and Libya were once a part of the “Axis of Evil” as the West called them, Now theyre with the Real Axis of Evil, Zionists!! The Jews want to run the Central Banks and have power in ALL countries!

      • More importantly, evidence has come to light that both the ‘Young Turks’ as well as the Saudi family, are ethnically Khazarian (i.e., Jewish as the rogue state of Israel defines ‘jewishness’) just like the Israelis currently ruling in Occupied Palestine.

    • Because a Russian-led alliance would have already destroyed all traces of the Ottoman Empire a century ago, if Wall Street bankers and their western European collaborators hadn’t managed to achieve poisoning the Russian Empire with the diseased apple (bolshevism), whereas Hejaz (later “Saudi Arabia”) would cease to be the western elite’s oil fields and parastates like “Qatar”, “Kuwait” etc wouldn’t even be conceived of!

      The Russian and now also Iranian geopolitical factors, are the crucial ones here. This is precisely why Serbia and Greece are in exactly the same boat, wherefore the western banking empire is not letting go off our balls just so we don’t get any help from Russia!!!

  2. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Throughout the warmongering of the Bush administration and its retarded war on terror, the phrase ‘The Axis of Evil’ was tossed about flippantly. In truth the Axis of Evil is America and Israel, as both of these nations are slayers of European ancestored people. These once Euro-centric countries governkents are now bought out by Jewish bankers who wish to advance Judaism and its tenets at the cost of the lives of who these evil Canaanites refer to as ‘the Goy’. This Axis of Evil must be dismantled such that White European Christian People’s across the globe will be free.

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