6 comments on “VIDEO: If Treasonous Government Bans Golden Dawn, “National Dawn” Will Emerge! (English Subtitles)

  1. A great man once said “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” –
    Sometimes we need to sacrifice for the generation in front of us. It’s our duty. May this change be a Renessaance of rebirth in mans hearts & souls
    for the goodness of all humanity. The Greek people are Archaic, they are difficult to tame! Respect from a proud Greek.

  2. It is Golden, it is National… It is the Dawn, and there’s no stopping it! The sun WILL rise now that the Dawn has arrived. It will shed light on all the corruption, and wash away the darkness.

  3. How can Samaras & Co. ‘outlaw’ Golden Dawn technically? Are they really considering some outright ban, maybe by declaring it an illicit crime organization or something?

    They cannot imprison or kill the idea, comrades.

    Nationalists all over need to be aware, however, that in the UK and especially from what I see in the US, TPTB are trying to spin anti-white violence as ‘mental illness,’ claiming third world zombies who rape or kill europeans are suffering from an internal mental illness, as opposed to acting out political aims. The reverse is that european victims and dissidents of anti-white are also being termed ‘mentally ill.’ This will result in them being interned and forcefully drugged, thus destroying the idea itself that europeans deserve to be free.

    Beware the ever-growing police and military state. While it appears true nationalism -the idea – has taken flight in Greece, nationalists all over need to know that the next line of defense will be internment and chemical castration of the european will. This is what the soviets did to repress dissent without martyring and further empowering it. Soviet dissident Bukovsky was interned and drugged, and while he eventually broke free, he also claims there is a narrow window of time in which europe can free itself.

    • ETA: Susan Lindauer was the first american citizen prosecuted in accordance with the Patriot Act, for attempting to report to a government official that there were no WMD in Iraq. She claimed to have worked for the CIA (not as part of it officially), and is widely believed by the anti-Israeli Lobby community. She was charged and imprisoned in DC and her lawyers had to fight throughout her ordeal to prevent the state from medicating her. She prevailed and was declared unfit to stand trial anyway because the zionists did not want her truth to be aired and tested in open court.

      Susan never evinced the slightest psychosis…no hallucinations or anything of that nature. Even the prison psychiatrists refused to fully go along, probably because she had at least some resources and support and the shrinks back down from fights they know they won’t ultimately win. But the State is growing more tyrannical by the day and so is the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, Big Pharma. Their partnership has been planning for the race war that is upon us.

      Don’t let them kill the idea of freedom, patriots.

  4. The Golden Dawn has at least a million members in Greece, and was still growing last I heard. If they declare the Golden Dawn a criminal organization, they will have a real problem when it comes to finding jail cells for over a million innocent Greek civilians.

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