13 comments on “Disgraceful! New Democracy Signs Into law Resolution Introducing Homosexuality to Children!

  1. The faggety ass Zionist jews are poisoning and destroying are world…. Muslim , Christians , Buddhas , and all religions wake up and join forces to bring down the DESTROYERS OF HUMANITY THE ZIONIST

  2. This really discourages me. Everyday seems to be adding up against us, we’re loosing this battle and must try to win this ideological war. Time is ticking…

    • well, were not losing. far right party’s are rising. golden dawn, jobbik, NPD, BNP. the zionist want you to feel like its all hopeless, they want you to feel like your powerless. your not. you can fight this, we all can. its not hopeless my brother, in the u.s. maybe but not in europe.

      • Very true Bob, things certainly are not going the way the EU had planned. This is why they are doing a rush job to implement these things at the last moments. There is a saying in Greek that translates to “The Blood is Speaking” The Zionists and EU pedophiles in Belgium have no clue about the Greek people and what they have achieved and what they have overcome in the past. One can try to surpress the laws of nature, but in the end the laws of nature and the will to survive is stronger than any “European Project” some Dutch pedophile can come up with.

    • It’s not hopeless, friend. Keep in mind that a big part of war is the psychological aspect. The EU pedophiles and the U.S. Zionist warmongers are constantly assaulting us and our children psychologically everyday. But it’s like what Bob said below. Far right parties are popping up all over Europe. It’s only a matter of time until it happens in the U.S. Hail Golden Dawn!

  3. How is this latest round of degeneracy not the final straw that broke the camels back? Disgusting! What else will The Christ Deniers force on us, Beastiality?

    • your right, i dont know either. i wish golden dawn would just take power by force. they should do what the commies did in the soviet union, just take power by force. lets show them how we feel.

  4. the zionist want us to feel like its hopeless guys, we are at war. people are brainwashed, we all know how the zionist brainwash people, to make us think that we are the only ones that dont agree with what their trying to do. its not hopeless, look at whats happening in greece, but there is golden dawn. it happened before are eyes, everyone is asleep as it happened… its time people are slowly waking up to this dream.. but people need to realize the main stream is just 100% bs. we arent alone in our beliefs, people are afraid to talk about in it person, bc its ‘racist” or “hate” thats bs. the jews are trying to destroy are trying to completely kill us, through immigrants killing us, and race mixing destroying our identity pluss the products that have cancer causing indigents. there is hope, if it wasnt for the computer then maybe we all would still be like those stupid brainwashed stupid fucks out there. this is a great war, hitler was right. people know it now. isreal MUST destroy iran in order to continue their plans, its only when people lose all hope, its ONLY WHEN THEY LOSE EVERYTHING THAT WE WILL HAVE A REVOLUTION.

    • The US is history. It is my greatest pleasure every time they throw away billions.They are finally doing what I want done, putting the final touches on this financially failing filth farm. It is a shame Tim McVeigh is not going to be with us to enjoy the hilarity of turning the tables with an IRON HAND.

      If gas goes to twenty a gallon, I have no complaint. Raise the minimum wage? Suits me. How high? The higher the better. Above all let’s be “sensitive” and increase welfare benefits. Then those who’s “history” must be stretched to fill a flyer can continue their “movement” in “progressive” fashion. The time for “affirmative action” I say is now more than ever. They are now in control of spending and the printing of money. The faster the better.

  5. A good insight about the way Jews are and their parasite nation, infecting and degenerating other nations, while they flourish within white societies.

    “Its not the gypsy’s best interest to send his children at school , because in this case his kids will be educated and more civilized and they wont go begging at traffic lights , to bring to their gypsy father money to drink cafe . Its not the gypsy’s best interest to educate his child , because then the gypsy child is not going to listen to his father and his own..”wisdom” for life .
    Its Not the best interest of a gypsy to be clean , because without the stink he will not be stigmatized and therefore he will not be isolated in society . Its Not even his interest to be healthy , because that would reduced ” performance ” in his beg out to the society to make more money . The gypsy doesnt have an interest to the civilized , because it destroys his generation . And that educated and clean civilized gypsy generation will see its gypsy fathers then as gypsies . Simple things . Each gypsy gives birth ten children , to have ten different economic ” resources ” . Each place he sends his child to beg for money, is a ” store ” for the father. .
    THE EXACT SAME THING IS TRUE WITH THE JEWS . Even their complaints about anti-Zionism is made out of sneaky and evil thinking that in the end benefits them. It is Not in the Jew’s interest to be no Zionism . They make profits by Zionism . The function of this society was invented by the Jewish” heroes “, the Maccabees (Maccabees were a group of uneducated religious fanatic Jews who revoluted against the Greek Macedonians during the Roman Times and that’s what the Jews celebrate today with their famous Chanukah, a celebration of them defeating the Greeks) . In other words, the absolute and insurmountable ” standards ” of all gypsies .

    Thanks to these Maccabees the Judaism was rescued until this day today, and therefore the Maccabees are worshiped as heroes . Thanks to them the Jews actually arrived in the current era . Thanks to them the Jews lived in ” beautiful ” disgraceful pathetic ghettos . They lived for years Unwashed , they set up stalls , they promoted prostitutes and sold out with sneakyness other people of other nations for centuries . Thanks to them, the Jewish nation took the ” stigma ” that did not allow them to integrate into the societies they were hosted .
    So their nation was flourishing for centuries . Whoever (from other races and nations) wanted informers , assassins , provocateurs , the Jews would give all that to them and would secure all these degenerates to them . If only those traitors of other nations just had money to pay the ” children ” of the Maccabees (the modern Jews in other words) . The people of other nations hated the Jews , turning their societies into inhospitable ” deserts “for the Jews , which that on its own gave reason for the “Wayfarer ” Maccabees to be succesful and to be taken as a protype for the Jews to live as parasites in other nations .

  6. Homosexuality everywhere and to kids, and tolerance to the 3rd world monkeys and THOSE pieces of Shit in the streets of Athens!!

    WATCH how the Anti-Hellenic and Anti-white and Anti-Christian degenerate Animals of ANTARSYA and other leftist wing parties march in the streets and support the Islamo-fascist animals in Greece who are growing each week very dangerously!

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