9 comments on “The Zionist War Against The Winter Olympics

  1. There is no doubt that this is true. If however, we are to be ready for the soon coming financial collapse of the US, our predictably opportune moment, we must lay out the facts nakedly. Failing to mention the role of Blacks in building and maintaining this alliance of evil that literally grips the globe, will severely cripple our chances of success. Average people must see a connection between everyday life and standing without fear. Elsewhere this particular role is the Jew. Here in the US, it is the Black. That Blacks are largely unaware is no matter. There voting record has not the slightest indication of goodwill.

    The ammunition necessary to bring the real America to it’s feet is here.

  2. Putin is a Real Leader!! Does what’s best for Russia and Russians! He struck back at them yesterday though! Passing a law saying foreign gay couples can’t adopt Russian children nor anyone that’s single from a country that allows gay marriage, just in case they are gay! I couldn’t agree with him more!

  3. I think Judaism is finally messing with the wrong dog. They cannot take over Russia as they did 100 years ago so they try undermining it. Putin has already stated that he will not accept any compromise to the unique stance Russia has in the world. They try to pull all the tricks they themselves came up with in the Soviet Union and act surprised it isn’t working. Sometimes I am not sure that Putin is completely free of any Jews occupying his soul but just as often do I hail him for the many decisions his leadership has positively fostered for his people and land. I applaud the audacity with which he steamrolls ahead as though he owes NAtional ZIonism nothing. Hail mother Russia!

    • Yes, I totally agree. Even is Putin is not free of Jews occupying his soul as you’ve stated above, he still stands up for principle and refuses to back down when it comes to the degenerate and perverted gay agenda. The Zionists are hyperventilating because Putin dares to assert Russia’s growing influence. Crush Z.O.G.

  4. I really hope Russia know it has fellow Europeans elsewhere who agree with it’s policies, I know I do.

    It’s Sincerely embarrassing how pitiful the West has become, to be infiltrated by the damned Zionists and Jews who think they can speak for us; why can’t so many people see how dangerous they are?

    In the USA, everywhere I look is their influence: degenerate television, music, debauchery and weakness, signs of a doomed populous. Many sane Americans, that I know, support Russia and wish we had a leader who cared.

    Stay strong Golden Dawn, keep up the great work for your country and people!

    • I agree. The rot is the same that has been described before.The same betrayal, the same degeneracy,the same destruction from within that Russia,and Germany, and other Western nations many years ago experienced and chronicled,sometimes extensively.
      We know who it is and we know what their weapons are and where their weapons are.
      Our Folk know the enemy,our young know the enemy, and the struggle for our survival has already begun with them.
      Their attempts to pit us against our European brothers will fail this time. The governments of our nations have betrayed us,but we never needed them anyway. Our glory is within us. It is in our blood. European civilization runs through the veins of every European.
      My loyalty is to European blood and to my nation’s soil, and I vow to spill the blood of no European brothers upon our soil,nor on European soil.
      A people can forget their former righteousness,they can forget their guiding principles.
      My nation was one of those that knew righteousness and glory, but we forgot them when Zion last stirred up enmity between us brothers. We forgot who claims our loyalty,who it belongs to by birth.Blood is always thicker than water. We will not be taken unaware this time! I will not participate in any attempt to govern Russia from my country, and I will not support or condone any aggressive actions taken against any sovereign European nation by my government.
      European homelands for Europeans.
      Down with ZOG.

  5. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    It is really sad that the people who get lost in this Jew media manufactured debacle are the athletes. In the USA, many Olympic athletes must train OUTSIDE of having full time jobs and families. I hate to say this, but like many people who have served, been maimed, and maybe even killed in military service to ZOG USA, many US Olympic Athletes I view now as just clueless sheeple. How disrespectful is it of our US Olympic Athletes to not have our so called president come to Sochi? Or at least a VP or someone high tier? This just exemplifies what disrespect our “leaders” have for everyday American citizens and those citizens turned Olympic athletes who are representing our once great country?

    Fuck you fag infested ZOG of America!

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