14 comments on “VIDEO: Mayoral Candidate Kasidiaris Presents Platform For a Hellenic Athens -ENGLISH SUBTITLES

  1. Good speech. Clear and direct. That is why I respect Golden Dawn. They are real opposition.
    Not like those bank-huggers and diversity loving mongrels who call themselves opposition here in Sweden. Hail Hellas

  2. This is why I admire Golden Dawn so much, we need a Golden Dawn for America most pronto, Hail Golden Dawn, bringing light to a darkened world

  3. Golden Dawns intentions are clear, a Greece for the Greeks, and y’all are having tremendous success. Are y’all anticipating that the globalist jews will do something drastic in the future? Something like Ukraine(presently or Holodomoor), Syria, or Nazi Germany?

    • I, for one, hope they try and fail. With the internet still functioning pretty much as it should, the effects would be like a tsunami. Then the world would see what the EU and the bankers are really up to and it would be devastating for them.
      Hail Victory!

    • Ive been thinking the same thing! The only thing i could think of is they’ll give their kin the Turks the green light to attack Greece, but i’d love to see how the rest of the EU states and Nato reacts from an attack by the Turks!

      • You know there is a prophecy of Elder Paisios, which holds Turkey will assemble warships and begin to attack Greece from the Aegean sea? I have been trying to work out sequences coming up to that conflict for the past 2 years at least, ever since Turkey’s role became prominent in destabilizing Syria I began to notice the realization of the overall circumstances of a wider world conflict described in Paisios’s visions, which again will apparently culminate in an act of war by one state against another – i.e. by Turkey against Greece. As yet it remains to be seen what will be the exact spark which lights the fire, but whatever it will be it will apparently activate the already volatile fault line in the so called Aegean “gray zones”. Then the Greek army will quickly mobilize all defenses, but the Turk vessels will run into some Russian ones sailing down from the Black Sea, which will then result in escalating Turko-Russian battles, culminating into a wholesale destruction of the Turkish state at the hands of the Russian armed forces, with Russian troops marching on to Constantinople. All the pieces are now in place for such a turn of events, we just have to wait and see..

      • @Miladin, xaameriki:

        Come on, really?

        Paisios’s “visions” are attractive, I suppose, but you’re not honestly basing them on reality, are you? Believing in this sort of stuff causes more harm than good.

  4. Kasidiaris will win the elections…Golden Dawn will make history….as the ancient Greeks (Leonidas , etc.)saved the western world of tyranny from the Persian empire, Golden Dawn will save the world of Zionist Jewish tyrants . history repeats its self, this is no vision, just reality, human spirit is much more powerful than the Jewish greed and hate of the human race….. Historians in the future will thank the Hellenes once again….

  5. This just out from NYC:


    Imagine if we had even one mayor of a prominent city defend its true citizens the way Kasidiaris and Golden Dawn will rescue the Athenians, and eventually, all Greeks. According to some articles, even the NYC mayor can’t override the Council’s vote to grant the earned right to vote to freeloaders.

    Men in my family have fought in wars for generations in this country. My father, my uncle served their people in Viet Nam; my dad’s cousin, a guy who grew up in Upstate New York, came home dead.

    Kasidiaris stands for justice in Greece, and in all of Western Civilization.

    Thanks from a european american citizen for setting an example and keeping the torch lit.

  6. Thank you for acknowledging, Giorgios! I have great admiration for your bravery and hard work. I just want to add how Geronda Paisio told the will of God Himself will cause the evil and lawless powers to eventually congregate on a single battlefield and then exterminate one another mindlessly, as their own iniquity would ultimately dictate. The liberation of Constantinople will be the focal point of the grand cleansing to follow, and also very important is to note Russian determination to hold on to occupied territories resulting from war, will cause the western powers to proclaim Constantinople be granted to Greece, after which Russia will also eventually do the same. Watch the following video:-

  7. @M do you doubt we are living in greatly anomalous times these past few years? Do not the prophesies make specific reference to sin and iniquity, as determining outcomes of certain events? Nothing of which has been prophesied by Orthodox holy men and women, has been profited by them, except to give the faithful meaning and hope to the general struggle. And those who do not have sincere care and love for God and their homeland, will not profit from these visions either.

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