17 comments on “Anarchist’s Desecrate Monuments To Greek Liberators In Thessaloniki

    • I can see from your location that you are more than likely a French Canadian, with no idea of Greek History. Your “No Pasaran” comment has to do with the Spanish Civil War between Nationalists and Anarchists. The monument that you are cheering the desecration of, dates back to a war between Greeks and the Ottoman empire. And in case you weren’t aware the Ottoman empire was not comprised of Anarchists fighting against “Fascism”. It was one of the most oppressive and brutal regimes that was ever seen in the Balkans, where women were maimed, raped and tortured and had their children taken away. This man who’s statue was desecrated died putting that to and end. And yet here you are, saying “Good Job”. So either you are completely ignorant and uneducated, or you are racist against Greek people. So which is it?

  1. Athanasios Diakos = a true hero!
    I read about him that when he was offered by a traitorous Greek to convert to Islam and thereby become an Ottoman officer he only replied that the was born a Greek and that he will die a Greek!
    Wish there were more of his league no matter if they´re Greek or other white Europeans.

  2. Ta colopaida! These punks should be dared to do damage in immigrants neighborhoods, and should not be taken seriously be the people until they do so. They should actually be physically taken to such neighborhoods to live.
    As for the “no pasaran” comment. All I can say is; pasaran camari mou, pasaran mia chara, choris provlima! giassou re Franco!

  3. Cowardly filth..One day soon this pathetic excuse for a human being, this childish idiot will, i am sure, be made to answer for what he has done… Europe is watching the brave people of Greece with there Golden Dawn…..!

  4. No pasaran ? The filthy Spanish communist whore who coined that phrase during the height of tha Spanish civil war. Si pasaron, and the whore La Pasionaria fled to stalin’s Russia. No pasaran, go to a bathroom and take an emetic bath with your no pasaran. These scoundrels who defaced the monument should be tracked down and punished severely. As long we have that punched drunkard of Boutaris as mayor, nothing of the sort can happen. Boutaroglou is a rotten neo crypto ottoman. He has got Turkish seed in his blood, or else is an outright traitor. When boutarouglou yusufaki lick spittle of Turks and other foreigners is removed from his mayoral seat, we should hang a placard around his neck, on the front reading No pasaran, and on the back Ya pasaron, and kick his bum and send him into exile to Anatolia.

  5. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Anarchy-tyranny agit prop is based out of a core disrespect for Western civilization and civility in general. It is one thing to disagree or to not believe in the tenets of a country, society, nation, etc., but to go to such a low level so as to desecrate its monuments is just amoral and/or immoral.
    It is a shame that the very principles of the West, those being openness, tolerance, freedom of individual expression, etc are now being turned and used against us by the Peoples of the East who claim to be about “community” -yeah right! Western Civilization was / is / and will remain great when the peoples within it are of European Christian descent. Those outside of this racial, ethnic tributary cannot handle tolerance and cannot express their disagreement or difference of opinion with civility, and in fact, wish to DOMINATE not COOPERATE.
    Months ago a similar incident occurred in Washington DC where some Asian woman (Chinese I believe) was defacing monuments in DC – the event was highlighted on Amren.
    In short, the Peoples of the East should remain in the East and the West should be freed of this vermin funneling in from the East and “Mother Africa” to continue its rebirth free from their desecration of its ideals, tenets, principles, and monuments that stems from their deep rooted jealousy, covetousness, and envy that their ‘civilization” with its multitude of peoples cannot compare with the innate entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of those European Christian people of the West.
    You turds of the East may destroy our monuments but you will not destroy US or our SPIRIT!

    • Hey VB! I read your posts often on your blog, just read about the Mormons! Research them! You’ll find out that theyre NOT Christians and are actually a cult like religion Created by a man named Joseph Smith(possibly a JEW)! Morman roots are very close to Masons and Satanists! Most of the newer CIA agents are Mormons too! Look into them deeply and you’ll change your position on them…Theyre the Enemy too!! Thats why the System gave us a choice of Obamagroid and Romney!

  6. The fault falls in hands of the Greek citizens that are as much ignorant as the punks that vandalize these freedom fighter monuments or any Hellenic monument. Eradicate mayors or politicians like the Zionist Jew caterer Boutaris……let’s face it we are not the Greeks of ancient Hellas….. Let’s hope for a miracle for the servival of Hellas and its people….

    • I believe the Ancient Greek is in all of us Fighting to get out and from under the Zionist boot! Greeks are waking up by the thousands in Greece and getting their Ancient Greek fighting spirit back! You cant lose your DNA!

      • Have you been in Greece lately?? Most of them are χεστηδες , άχρηστοι μαλακές ,προδότες….. Golden dawn helps these people and are the same ones that condemn GD…. Agonist brother the great Greek spirit of some is not enough , to get rid of the Zionist Jew cockroaches…

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