10 comments on “Controlled German Media:  Save The E.U. – Don’t Vote For Nationalists!

  1. “In a four-page article, entitled “Save Europe”…
    “Save Europe”,you detestable human handpuppets? Look what a deplorable state Greece,Ukraine,et al are in because of YOUR financial and foreign policies. Nationalists are not responsible for this. You can’t blame any of this on “nazis”. You did it.
    But as long as Europeans survive, Europe will eventually rise from the ashes reborn. And that’s why you want to shore up the plummeting legitimacy of your illegal government. To finish grinding Europe into the dirt. To drive a stake through the heart of Europe so that heart cannot even HOPE for Europe’s rebirth.
    We will NEVER stand by and allow this to happen.
    “Golden Dawn will stand up for Greece, and we hope other patriots will do the same throughout Europe!”
    You can count on it. We’ve all had enough of this.
    Go get those bastards, Europa. Blood,soil, and honor!

    • As an irishman living in Greece for the past 14 years, married to a Greek woman, with 3 children. I support the exit from the EU for Greece and every other country that is being screwed by the EU Banksters and Puppet (Crooks) politicians. Go get em guys, you will have my vote in the EU elections and local elections.

  2. the recent action of a Hungarian MP (Jobbik Party), in denouncing the EU, taking the EU flags, and throwing them out a window, is clearly an act of war against the JEWISH financier overlords, who still hold the Germans in a grip of terror, because of the purported ‘Hollowhoax,’ almost seventy years on!

    May Europe arise, and throw of her jewish masters, once and for all. The true ‘Final Solution’!

    • jews are really getting concerned now that hungry has a “problem” with anti jewish on the rise.. so jobikk is doing something right

  3. That picture above is a sight to see, absolutely beautful !….Proper chaps and ladies, very uplifting. Waiting patiently for those elections.. God bless you all….

  4. so im hearing in the latest news that the they want to jail all the mps? or “wage final act”? ok this needs to be addressed on the pod cast or on here …

    GRXIT 21 FEBRUARY 2014
    “Prosecutors wage final act for Golden Dawn wipe-out.”

    Someone!!!!!!!!!!! tell me what is going to happened if it gets voted?!??! SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!!!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO GOLDEN DAWN!!!?!?? SOMEONE TELL ME…

  5. As a German, I’m not sure which party to vote. Is there some small party in Germany that GD has good relations with?
    The largest nationalist party here is NPD, but I don’t trust them, it’s openly admitted that their leadership largely consists of agents of the secret political police (Verfassungsschutz) who are actively trying to sabotage nationalism in Germany.
    Then there’s the AfD who are sort of like UKIP, i.e. not real ethnonationalists and at best controlled opposition.

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