9 comments on “The Power Of The Nationalist

  1. The other nationalist movement abroad are nowhere as organized and disciplined as the GD. They also lack the leadership level of our movement. Enough of talking, action time has come to storm Korydalos and free our imprisoned leaders. Militancy is going to give us the victory. We are dealing with professional mafia style international politcians. They will never, never give up power at the ballot box. Elections are rigged in favor of the kleptockratic ruling elite. The democratic kleptocracy led by the hiippoptamus crooked swine of Venizelos , the poisonous snake of Samaras and the bambino dandy of Tsipras ,a buffoon ,have to be thrown out of the political ring. Time is running out. Everyday these boardroom and parliamentarian brigands are in power the sellout of Greece accelerates and the invasion of Afro-Asians grows unabated.

    • Upon reading the headline I thought of how long and hard some of the leaders of GD seem to have worked and fought to achieve this victory. I thought of Michos in jail and wish we in the US had such authentic and devoted leadership.

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