9 comments on “50 year old Woman Gang Raped by Pakistanis, Dendias and Media Silent!

  1. Most North American Greeks would never hear about this news through popular media outlets like ANT1 or ODYSSEY Television. I wonder why that is?

    • Simply because those media you’ve mentioned are as just as responsible as the corrupted rotten politicians are, for the total betrayal, shame and slavery to Troika and the hands of the filthy Zionists ?
      We don’t get to know or hear the horrific crimes and dozens of harassment towards women from the Paki and Aghani animals from the Greek tv and many mainstream websites INSIDE Greece either.

      Politicians are the tool the Zionists are using to make their plans come true in every occupied country, and the MEDIA is the LANGUAGE of that tool and system.
      Just like it happens with the major international Zionist like hell media, cnn and bbc.
      Do you expect to learn the truth from these controlled heavily paid dirty media?!

      They don’t want the negative and bad “side effects” of massive invasion of 3rd world Africans/Asians in Europe (an open war they baptized “immigration”) to be mentioned because their plan is to fill up Europe and Greece continuously with Asians and Africans, a fast forward colonization repeatedly called “immigration” from these media.
      If you read Greek news sites, I suggest you take a look at “kokkinos ouranos.gr”,
      its a good Greek news website, regarding publishing police records of robbery, sexual harassment and rape of Greeks and many Scandinavians from illegal invaders.
      You ‘ll be surprised. (women in Europe are in great danger, imagine what could happen in the future if that kept happening without a Force to stop it).

  2. Look at this German girl standing in the streets, yelling for the Miiillions of Muslims invaders in Germany, praying to Allah in public, trying to awake her fella Germans, screaming “GERMANY RISE UP”, warning them for the “islamization” of Germany. Muslims try to stop her, saying she’s provoking!

    • Here is the video with English subtitles:

      Even deeper is the sadness that this woman bears such shame for Hitler. As an american I feel shame and horror that we foisted such obscene lies and suffering on the german people.

  3. Greek article with analyzed statistics, explaining how Even mathematically proven 1 to 4 women in Sweden is awaited to be raped in Sweden fron 3rd world Muslim invadors (baptized as immigrants), one of the most Tolerant and well-accepting EU country of neo-liberalism, country for example to othee European countriea, according to the model of democracy of EUROPE.
    Same is already happening in Norway too.

    The Scandinavian countries are so far the best example of what is expected to happen all over Europe due to the very friendly pokicies of EU giving “political asylum” to every Asian and African non white invader.

    It is officially recorded in the Swedish pokuce that almost 5 women were getting rapes from Muslims in Stockholm ALONE, last year, 2013, and the Swedish media publish Nothing about it! The situation is literally Out of Control, bur what is more disturbing and by far Most unacceptable and dangerous, is the apathy and unwillingness to do something about it for the average Swedish men to protect their own women and the rape of their nation.


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