6 comments on “Golden Dawn America Podcast Episode 13: The Working Class Is Awake.

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    Just in case you want to know. To copy the player onto your page and make it not play automatically, change the word true to false.

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    Right on. The New World Order wishes to annihilate the middle and working classes comprised mostly of people of European ancestry who wished to be self sufficient by being merchants, traders, small business owners etc. and not by being slaves or serfs or by receiving hand outs from the government. But that was not in line with the endless greed of the Globalists, Zionists, Jews, Bankstas, NeoCons, Limousine Liberals, etc. Across the world, in Europe, in the USA, and in SA, the Globalists have gone out of their way to “bust” the white middle and working class family, social, and work structures such that they could purport their plans for the silent genocide of the Gentile Goy.
    People are awaking and are becoming more vocal daily. Go Golden Dawn!

  3. Right on, Golden Dawn! I always look forward to new podcasts and news from you guys. You guys are great! Hail the day when we are no longer under the thumb of these Zionist pigs.

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