15 comments on “Golden Dawn Statement on Developments in the Ukraine and Persecution of Orthodox Christians

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    Right on. Live and let live and let it be is a motto that the United States Empire doesn’t get. The USA has no sense of Nationalism and is in fact a Plantation-Corporation-Multicultural Cluster Fuck of Temporary Employment Agency that does not give a fig about its citizens. The brainwashed masses of the USA and its corrupt leadership care only for money and profit. Family, bloodlines, ancestry, ethnicity, culture are terms that this Empire uses loosely and without any real understanding or care. McCain and other ZOG minions have been foaming at the mouth to try lull the everyday Ukrainians into becoming slaves to the New World Order. Vultures is the fitting term for the Globalists.

  2. Is Svoboda the “Nazi” party? Svoboda? They said a few days ago that they welcomed Jews to have power! Seriously. I do not understand this statement.

    Please search for “Ukranian far-right party says ‘This is a safe place for Zhids’”, and find the Svoboda statements.

    Anyhow — what is wrong with a “Nazi” party? Golden Dawn is branded in Sweden as a “Nazi” party all the time by our Jewish media. Using that word is just populist.

    Also — Putin was appointed by a Jew! Russians I’ve spoken with say that he is as much a Jewish puppet as Obama.

    We recently wrote an article about Roman Abramovich — the Jew who appointed both Putin and Medvedev:


    Anyhow, I do not approve of the fake IMF/George Soros revolution in Ukraine.

    • That’s a good reason why the Czar was murdered and the Russian autocracy destroyed, by Zionist plotters in New York and in Europe, in 1918. For it was the Soviet Union which went on to recognise the modern state of Israel in 1948, which would have been impossible had the Russian Orthodox Christian emperor still been around. Contrary to post “enlightenment” Europe and later with it the US, Jewish bankers had absolutely no prominence in Russia. Not only that, but Orthodox Christians everywhere not just in Russia never forgot Judaism rejected Christ and that by their own will they alienated themselves from the followers of Christ, in the aftermath of the destruction of ancient Israel by the Romans, till the present day. Thus, in Orthodox Russia as “Third Rome” and successor state of the earlier Greek Eastern Roman empire, Jews were never granted equality with Christians, as they later ended up acquiring in the post Lutheran Protestant west, who for us Orthodox fundamentally are heretical offshots of the already heretical papists of Rome from before them. Now there was a time before when this was not so evident, but now at this point in time let us ask ourselves honestly – how could Christianity ever be construed in the manner as it was construed by Oliver Cromwell, because of whose (wrong) interpretation of the Books of Isaiah and Revelation, about ‘the Lord coming to reign when all his flock Israel are gathered from all ends of the earth into the holy land’, the Jews were readmitted to England? He clearly wrongly interpreted Israel to mean the followers of Judaism and not all righteous Christians of all nations of the world as we Orthodox Christians understand it. Those who killed Christ not only literally, but also by the manner of their religiosity and perception of the world, could never be allies of Christians, and the fact of the matter is by the time of world war I, only Czarist Russia and the Orthodox world stayed true to this memory, After the empire was ended, the followers of Judaism began the first migrations back to Palestine. Go figure.

    • Back to Putin and Russia today: Once your predecessors already recognised the modern state of Israel it is damn hard to undo it. Yet I just showed Russia was least to blame for that happening in the first place. Although now practically every major world state recognises and trades with Israel, the financial web stands invisibly above every rivalry. Only Russia (again) seeks to find a proper, peaceful way out of this problem, but the Nato west is so thoroughly bought off they just won’t stop provoking Russia to the ultimate, just as the Zionists want, very sadly.

  3. In no way do I support attacks on Orthodoxy or Hellenism. However, who is it specifically that’s doing that and what are the sources of that information? If you know about it from ‘people on the ground’ then fair enough, and I’d still then say, who is it that’s actually doing it? Is it sanctioned by any of the “nazi” party’s you mention? I’d be willing to bet that it’s not.

    And about that. What’s with using the zionist enemy smear term “nazi” in the context you did? That doesn’t seem right at all considering the good folk at Golden Dawn are smeared with the same term all the time and all across the world in just about every country, including your own. All in attempts to discredit it and keep the people from turning to them.

    I think it was disrespectful and insulting to the good racial Nationalist folk involved in the Ukrainian revolution. To paint the whole endeavor as a US/EU/zionist plot is extremely oversimplifying the reality. Or implying that our brothers and sisters involved are somehow US/EU/zionist stooges is also wrong and insulting.

    I’ve supported Golden Dawn whole-heartedly over the last couple years and have spread their name, message and the word about how solid they have proven themselves to be as a beacon of hope for Greek Nationalism, the Greek people, a Greece for Greeks and a Europe for Europeans. This is the first time they’ve given me any reason to wonder and be disappointed in what they have to say. I still can’t believe what I just read.

    • Perhaps the inverted commas on the word “nazi” was meant to be a euphemism only. As if to say the nationalists there are traitors from the outset, because in this GD communique it says free elections are heartily supported, but elections are useless when your vanguard is ultimately a “rent-a-mob”. The reason why Orthodoxy is potentially under attack, is because Ukraine as a nation under Church authority, is indistinguishable from Russia, but the seat of the patriarchate is in Moscow not Kiev. So the attack comes from rival schismatic groups of the so called “Kievan Patriarchate” on one side, and from Greek-Catholic or “Uniate” Church of Ukraine, which is a centuries old legacy of Orthodox who became allied to the pope in Rome, as they still remain today. Hence, the religious dimension to this artificially engineered conflict in Ukraine.

      • Do you really believe it’s totally artificially engineered? I have no way of knowing, but have assumed that at least some of the nationalists are authentic, misguided or infiltrated/used by zios as they might be and ultimately wind up.

  4. Used by them, ultimately, exactly. I have no doubt the nationalists are mostly authentic and keen on action under any circumstances, but really this is all about Nato vs Russia, at the end of the day. The west as a whole is entirely occupied by ZOG, the US-led military industrial complex is the trojan horse which is also keeping the ZOG fully intact. As long as this militaristic hubris remains dominant and doused over with lots of media propaganda, cold war scenario of contending states remains fully effective. In most cases soldiers are blindly obedient to authority even when it is rotten, which is a tragic thing really because genuine patriots are the ultimate victims.

  5. Truth be told, that statement is somewhat amateurish. Also, it appears that Greeks have not been targeted in the Ukraine.
    Anyway, here’s Panayiodaros speaking in English on the situation:

  6. Once upon a time… they patronized and manipulated the Bolsheviks in order to gain control of Russia. Now, they patronize and manipulate “neo nazis” in order to gain control of Russia. The hands behind the game remain the same and the end justifies the means.

  7. The Jews are turning my nation into an ISRAEL… I am in America, but one day I plan to return to Ukraine and fight against the Jewish oligarchs in place.. The Jews need to leave Ukraine… And it does not look good for my party, Svoboda is not even a true party of Ukrainian Nationalists.. I can see financing by wall street going on.. Ukrainians like myself need to rise up against the JEWISH PARASITES.

    UKRAYINA PONAD USE !! Ukrainian Nationalists and Golden Dawn – brothers against world zionist domination.

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