20 comments on “Ukrainian “Neo-Nazis” Meet With Israeli Ambassadors, World Jewry Mysteriously Silent

  1. Financial events come soon. What follows will make pollution, ecology, sustainability, environmentalism, progressivism, sensitivity, affirmative action, civil rights, overregulation, welfare, gay rights, equal rights, etc…etc………words of the past. Those who survive are already known. The comfort level will however vary greatly, depending on the preparation.

  2. I’d like to think that Dmitry Yarosh of RIght Sector is avoiding direct conflict with international superpowers like Israel and that his statement about “equal opportunity for all ethnic groups” was referring to the ones already in the Ukraine, including the Jewish minority, not everyone in the world. What I’m saying is that he could just be appeasing Jews and the West, whereas Svoboda is another story. I’m growing more skeptical about their leadership and sincerity by the day. Merely speaking with Jews and ensuring the safety of their diaspora in Ukraine is a diplomatic gesture and not the same thing as submitting to their rule. Comments from that meeting seem to be taken out of context and partially lost in translation as well.

    • Um, if you’re willing to make deals, take money, and cooperate with the US State Department, Israel, and EU, WHY ARE YOU A NATIONALIST IN THE FIRST PLACE?
      There is nothing to take out of context. The leader of the Right Sector stated explicitly that his group will seek the legal prosecution of people who are “anti-semitic”/critical of Jews, meanwhile these guys are hunting Russian speakers and trying to outlaw the use of the Russian language. They’re bigotted boneheads, instead of national revolutionaries/ nationalsocialists.
      If you’re willing to put Jews in power, are focused on petty regional animosities, and have no problem with your country going into the European Union (no matter if they love it or not, they must’ve known these would be consequences of their actions) why are you a nationalist? Just because a blue ‘right-wing’ democrat.

      • Agreed.

        “Let there be no misunderstanding, the Zionist controlled American government does not really give a damn about “human rights”. Institutions, if they were consistent in this respect, would first and foremost condemn the systematic violation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians and other peoples who have been brutally steamrolled by global Zionist governance. Neither does the United States government have any qualms in maintaining massive concentration camps, like “Guantanamo”, where dissidents are held captive without charges or trial. The whole globalist religion of “Human Rights” is little more than a politicized smoke screen to justify imperialist interests in foreign lands, and nothing more.”

        Can’t argue with that,either. Although, I’ll be honest, I don’t really care about the Palestinians. Yeah, YKW is causing them so grief, but I’m not so sure that makes them my friends. I don’t support Sharia for Britain,because that’s not nationalist. I don’t support Zionism because while it is nationalist for itself, it wants to make fiefdoms of everyone else. That’s not nationalism.

        Palestinians should keep their own government ruled by their own people on the land where their people live and share a common historical and cultural claim,as should everyone.

  3. At least we have the quasi-legitimization of certain previously villified symbols (can they still complain about the meander?) and the tacit approval of the destruction of Red Army WWII victory memorials. Make the most of it.

  4. It’s always the Americans fault. Bla bla bla. You sound like a broken record just like the far left loons who say the same worn out hackneyed line all the time too. Other than the fact under President Clinton, who managed to get the Ukraine to hand its nuclear weapons to Russia in 1994, a most of what is posted above is pure rubbish. It isn’t the USA who just captured the Crimea from Ukraine it was Putin’s Russia. Putin wants to restore his nationalist Russia to pre the 1991 USSR borders and he desperately wants Ukraine not to join the EU. That is what is at issue here along with a President of the Ukraine who sold his people out to Russia for billions of rubles. I am NOT a fan of Israel and I am even less of a fan of Islamic Jihad or their scum bag allies the Palestinians and Iran. As far as Guantanamo being a “concentration” camp what a joke. It has the most posh prison in history where every need and desire of the Muslim terrorists there is met by their “evil” American captors. After 911 and these terrorists being captured I would have had them all shot. I have admit that I have a secret wish they were all set free by the Americans as you demand because they will go back to the Middle East to regroup and carry out their Jihadist war against Britain, France, and the rest of Europe. I just don’t want them back in the USA and get another chance to kill us. Putin has been loved at different times by the left and the right.

    • Mr Magee , you are on the wrong website. You need to go to the Tea Parties website, or perhaps get with Rush Limbaugh and other patriotards. Actually thinking Muslims were the only force behind, if even part of it, behind 9/11 is the first sign of being a stupid cow.
      If you want to see “Islamic Jihad” go take a look at whose the US government is arming and paying in Syria. American and Israeli sponsored Wahhabi mercenaries are desecrating churches, raping Christian women, and murdering the Christian population by the thousands. This isn’t happening in Iran or by Hamas, in fact Hamas and Hizbollah are fighting against the US sponsored Jihadists in Syria. Most people at Guantanomo bay are not in America, they are people captured in the Middle East yet aren’t being charged with any crime. The question you should be asking, is why America is there in the first place, and the answer is Israel.
      You are obviously quite an ignorant person, who gets his information from Foxnews and Jews like Pamela Gellar. If you do not see the US government as a force of organized Jewry, why the fuck are you even here?

      • More importantly, if you can’t see what is going on now, as a complete replay of another corrupt American DOLT/President, and an attack on a Christian Orthodox nation, as prelude to EU hegemony (I’m speaking of Clinton, Albright/Kanne-Clark, and Serbia) turn in your HS Diploma, Magee. You don’t know shit.

    • Edward’s right. And the G.D. are right. America,or at least its government, IS doing these things.

      The people aren’t doing it. The mass immigration everywhere proves it. Everyone hates it, but it’s happening to all white countries and NOT happening in Israel. We wouldn’t do it to ourselves. As a matter of fact,nobody asked us if we wanted it. They just did it.

      With the more militarily powerful countries they use military force. With other countries they pressure other peoples with financial pressure.

      It’s not JUST America, if that makes you feel any better. The Zionists are like crab lice that the institutions in our countries are infested with. They’ve been doing stuff with everyone’s government.

      What do you think the Muzzies are so pissed about? They were doing it to them too.

  5. All of these “patriotic forces” in Ukraine are nothing more than traitors to the EU – NWO .
    I imagined National patriots different ….

  6. Looks like nationalism is being high-jacked by liberals and zionists, and our Ukranian comrades are stupid enough to allow this to happen. Jews and international jewry with their promotions of multiculturalist, globalist and cultural marxist agendas are the natural arch enemies of us, of any right minded nationalist. Jews are not only against everything we stand for, they are out to destroy it. It is paramount to know this and understand this. How then is it possible that our ideological brothers make an agreement with our enemies and almost bow for the power of these zionists?

    It’s very strange, but here is one possible explanation: our brothers in Ukraine are being used (PAID) to do the fighting for the usual gangsters: usa-nato imperalist zionists / progressives / liberals (with their usual zionist-jew masters). Their interests coincide of course with the ukrainian oligarchs, 3 out of 4 of whom are parasitic jews. For these oligarchs, expansion of their imperium is only possible by joining the EU as Putin has eliminated the political power of the russian jewish oligarchs (remember Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky etc..). These jewish ukrainian oligarchs literally fund and pay the revolution now in Ukraine. It has been reported that Maidan fighters were paid decent money on a daily basis by these oligarchs. The fiercest fighters were Right Sector militants.Of course, they would not go against their pay check masters.

    The zionist, american imperialist, liberal onslaught continues.

    Sad, terribly sad.

    • In the meantime, I have found the answer myself, and I wasn’t too much off target: here is a must-read article, written by a famous anti-zionist jew, about the Ukrainian oligarch jews and Israeli jews (it helps when a jew writes this about his own) and how nationalists are not only tolerated but used by liberals to destabilise the Ukraine and Russia next: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/02/24/the-brown-revolution-in-ukraine/

      I highlight the 2 most relevant paragraphs: pay special attention to the last paragraph)

      ” Bear in mind: liberals do not have to support democracy. They do so only if they are certain democracy will deliver what they want. Otherwise, they can join forces with al Qaeda as now in Syria, with Islamic extremists as in Libya, with the Army as in Egypt, or with neo-Nazis, as now in Russia and the Ukraine. Historically, the liberal–Nazi alliance did not work because the old Nazis were enemies of bankers and financial capital, and therefore anti-Jewish. This hitch could be avoided: Mussolini was friendly to Jews and had a few Jewish ministers in his government; he objected to Hitler’s anti-Jewish attitude saying that “Jews are useful and friendly”. Hitler replied that if he were to allow that, thousands of Jews would join his party. Nowadays, this problem has vanished: modern neo-Nazis are friendly towards Jews, bankers and gays. The Norwegian killer Breivik is an exemplary sample of a Jew-friendly neo-Nazi. So are the Ukrainian and Russian neo-Nazis.

      While the original Bandera thugs killed every Jew (and Pole) that came their way, their modern heirs receive some valuable Jewish support. The oligarchs of Jewish origin (Kolomoysky, Pinchuk and Poroshenko) financed them, while a prominent Jewish leader, Chairman of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of the Ukraine, Josef Zissels, supported them and justified them.

      There are many supporters of Bandera in Israel; they usually claim that Bandera was not an anti-Semite, as he had a Jewish doctor. (So did Hitler.) Jews do not mind Nazis who do not target them. The Russian neo-Nazis target Tajik gastarbeiters, and the Ukrainian neo-Nazis target Russian-speakers.”


      • More of this madness showing our brothers are high jacked and misguided:

        Article: Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots.


        ”Under the title “In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit”, the Jewish News Agency JTA confirms that soldiers from the IDF were involved in the EuroMaidan protest movement under the direct command of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party. The Svoboda Party follows in the footsteps of World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera”

        Also, as our broad movement, our ideas, and our methods are getting more and more followers and approval from the general population (Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary etc), we should not let this be thrown away by some thugs who give our movement a bad name…

  7. As a Ukrainian nationalist myself, even much stronger than Yarosh and Myzhychko, I can not tell you how disgusted I am with this crap.. Jews run everything it seems.. Jews helped Putin with this military intervention going on in Ukraine now.. I have always been and always will be against Jews and their means of wanting to take over the world.. Make no mistake.. most Ukrainians don’t know the truth, but I DO.. Ukraine is run by Jewish-mafia bosses and Russia supports this.. I have always been on the side of my people and stand with them against this jew run government in Ukraine.
    I am also very close with Golden Dawn and although I don’t know Greek, I admire their strong willingness to help their own people as any nation should.. If the story of Yarosh is true, then it is my goal to influence Ukrainians to not give into Right Sector for they love the Jew and Zionist.. Ukraine is for WHITE UKRAINIANS and those who are sympathetic to the Jews must leave.. I am sorry, but I cannot tolerate JUDAIZIATION of my land.. Golden Dawn and supporters.. I ask that you support me against the traitors of Ukraine. If it were me running Right Sector, the Jews would have already left Ukraine and their bosses would be dealt with accordingly..

    • If it only were that simple brother. For a country to be truly “judenfrei”, one needs as much if not in fact all – to get rid of the entire “Jew system” of economics and politics, under which these people have weaved their web for years and decades. And to be truly free a country needs to be: 1) Free from the controlling arm of Jew dominated western finance. This is one of the major reasons why Russia is now a direct target of Nato, because since Putin’s ascendancy the shackles on the Russian economy have been broken. 2) Put all banks under control of a state central bank, to be accountable ONLY to the state and the domestic populace. 3) Restore fully the integrity of the family unit and enact maximum family friendly legislation with a monopoly on financial incentives and aid. This will teach people social order and restraint, which is indeed a pillar of human freedom.

      Regrettably, western Ukraine including Kiev is now occupied by Nato, just like Kosovo is occupied and severed from the rest of Serbia. As such, it is now next to impossible for Ukraine to fulfill these 3 criteria, which is essential for the freedom and independence of any nation state in the world. They are only using Ukrainian nationalists to get at Russia and be their cannon fodder in trying to achieve that. It makes perfect sense, really..

    • Privjet Brother,

      I can only think: it must first get worse before it can get better, as more people will wake up to the jewish destroyers, their deceptions and decadences.

      God can not help us unfortunately. Only we can and must do it, together as brothers. We must continue to educate and inform ourselves and our brothers, we must continue to spread our ideology in a positive, responsible way. We must shine the light, be strong, be true, be loyal, be brothers!

      Golden Dawn has been an inspiration for all right-minded nationalists and continues to show how it can be done.

      Victory will be ours in the end, I have no doubt.

      Hail brothers!


  8. And what is now even strange, our leader in Svoboda requests that we Ukrainians ACCEPT JEWS in the country as allies against Russia and Putin.. How disgusting this is ! I don’t want to change my beliefs towards the Jew because then it will bring me to the level of those morons in the parties of Ukraine. Sad but true, the Ukrainian government encourage Jews to stay and fight as if we were brothers in one state.. According to some friends of mine who are reliable they report that Ukraine is no longer a nation where nationality means anything, that means Jews and all other non-Ukrainians are considered Ukrainians ?
    The sooner this war with Putin is over, the faster we can rebuild our nation and rid the Jew of Ukraine by any means. Even most of my own people on Facebook told me to change my avatar, or face being cast out like all other neo-nazis or extreme nationalists.. I am proud of my anti-semitism and will continue to fight against this. The Ukrainian way is Ukraine for all above all, not Ukraine for everyone !?
    Disgusting I can say..

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