12 comments on “Pakistani Rapes and Attempts to Murder 46 year old Greek Woman in Crete!


  2. The assaults and rapes of white women throughout every EU ZOG state are growing more and more, dangerously, every single year.
    Wherever these Muslim beasts or better pieces of shit, “sons of Allah” go, white girls and women in Europe are in Great danger of rape, brutal beating and attempt of murder.
    The situation is turning into an epidemic, especially in the Scadinavian countries.
    Local women are afraid to walk alone at nights, take a taxi to go home in case the taxi driver looks “darker” than usual in fear of getting raped instead of just taken home (many of these cockroaches are driving a taxi for a living), afraid to walk alone since groups of Muslim pieces of shit could be anywhere hiding or showing up on the street.
    The stupid coward enslaved pathetic European governments and the European media won’t do or say anything about it, on the contrary they will try to hide it and turn their back on this issue of similar-case crime completely.
    They will “bless” and encourage the alienation and diversity of Europe from barbaric 3rd world country cockroaches, “working hard for the immigrant’s rights, funding various “humam rights” pseudophilanthropic organizations and running commercials of sensitivity in favor of the immigrants on tv, and with All that,
    making the 3rd world immigrants feel more liberated to behave the way they did in the shitholes they had come from, turning this very dangerous and sensitive matter in Europe into an upcoming big nightmare and epidemic of hell !
    The law in the libtard ultra tolerant EU countries is for laughs.
    And the cases of sexual assaults against white women will only increase.

    Women in Europe and every other corner of the world that deals with the sickening self-defeating “enrichment” of their white culture with Muslim and other 3rd world animals need to learn martial arts and be always cautious when walking out alone anywhere.
    The danger of white women getting raped and murdered from outsiders is just one another brutal added problem to the whole mess and a bright example of the enrichment and gains of diversity and multiculturalism,
    as well as a clear indication than only TRUE and authentic Nationalists would deal with it and beat the shit out of these cockroaches before ending them.
    Golden Dawn to clean out our streets and neighboorhoods from the scum

    • That’s another problem, some Greeks still are loyal to the f@ckin Zion pigs running Greece the past 50 years… No matter what crimes are forced on there loved ones…..the primary problem in Greece is to eradicate that far left that is the Cancer of Greece and the world……Europeans should stand together to fight the beast of Zion Jews , and good luck with that…

      • Very true said.
        And while the big cancer and shame , the radical left but also every single ‘lost’ average Greek of the generation of polytechneio( the baby boomers generation: has betrayed and destroyed our nation with it’s gullible stupid mentality, extreme lack of national dignity and it’s money-hungry attitude overall), in the most darkest and horrible times for this country since 1821, New political parties are beggining to arise, taking advantage of the great gap, confusion and political distrust of Greeks the policies of Pasok and New Democracy created, saying that “they dream of a Greece WITHOUT national borders any more”, explaying their outrageous humiliating shameful position by saying:
        since Greece belongs to EU and EU controls every single decision being taken in the soil of Greece, our homeland and our country is No more Greece, but a greater Idea…Europe.

        Can’t even describe how disgusted and full of rage I feel..for the -extreme pre-European fast forward globalization- ridiculous statements I hear from Greek politicians who can so easily walk all over their nation’s hurt pride on these extremely hard times, have the gut and nerve to come out, “throw” their dreams of future Greece to a betrayed and devastated nation, and get away with it.


  3. I am agree what this beast has done is unbelievable and unforgettable and should must punishable as my friend described above there “under the holy Quran rules” whatever I don’t mind, but for this one beast to blame all Muslims or Pakistanies it’s not ok by me or by any social society if its Europe or USA so please correct your brain and try to fix your country problems what is sinking and getting poor and poorer day by day and am afraid not to be more poorer than Somalia as I see coz am business student and I see your country future very dark and it’s not coz of immigrants or someone else, it’s just the coz of your corrupt country men and politicians who ate your country already and I see your Greeks working like shit in other countries more worse then Pakistanies and any immigrants even here in Norway.
    Its so sad who make your country and they are part of your country now so you call them balck and garbich etc, sham on you what a mentality you have. That day is not very far away when your people will move abroad for work like before as they brides to Australia and USA etc and come on watch your self and your country now.
    You haven’t been to south Asia to see how booming economies are there and how people are having a lot of money. You just see these poor guys there jusy.
    Anyway be a good man instead of an ass whole.

    • We do not care how wealthy south asia is We don’t care if Pakistanis were wrapped in dollar bills and sprayed with Gold Dust, we dont want them in Greece. There have been Greeks living abroad for over a century now in the US, but they respected the immigration laws of the country and were virtually all legal immigrants. There are no Americans or Europeans that complain of Greek neighborhoods being dangerous or where their people are in danger of being raped and murdered. Even during times of poverty this didn’t happen. The Norwegians gave pakistanis and other muslims 10 times the amount of financial and social benefits Greek immigrants to the US got, and they still rob and rape like the savage barbarians they are. Money does not change that fact. We do not blame the immigrants for the crisis of economics, we blame the traitors to our nation who have let them lose in our society and sold off our national Autonomy.

      Unlike the Norwegians, who never had to fight to free themselves from 400 years of slavery by Muslims, our grandfathers spilled their blood so Greeks could have an Ethnic state for Greeks.

      So if the Norwegians think it’s so great to have muslims and want to stand by while their daughters get raped and country gets islamisized that is their business. If that is what they call a “A Social Society” they can have it, but WE are different, We are Greeks!

  4. Pakis are the scum of the earth, rats, yet the Jews in the EU use them as a battering ram against the indigenous people of Europe, they must all be cleansed out along with the other swine the Jewish bank gangsters are so hell bent on flooding into our fair lands, these scum must be evicted with full force along with their Zio-Cretin bosses!

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